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Ministries And Friends - This websites name was originally E37BW Ministries And Friends stands for Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries And Friends

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Ministries And Friends

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Manager: bill3rd
This websites name was originally "E37BW Ministries And Friends" stands for "Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries And Friends" because it was originally only for sites that either had Christian links to our site(s) and/or our friends who had Christian sites. This ring is still Christian but we have a wider range of members.  This is why the name is shortened to Ministries And Friends.


Ministries And Friends is a ring that is family friendly and has Christian Evangelical sites.



By the way we do believe the Rapture is a Biblical principle.

Also, we do not agree with "the Prosperity Gospel, Name it & Claim it" message.


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   Pastor Bill's 1st WS site Preview Go
This is my first website on WebSpace provided by WebRing. I plan to add more to this WebSpace website. Probably eventually this site will be linked to my very first site on FreeServers which is a Ministries website and still there and I still update.
   God's Word in Many Languages Preview Go
This site is an extension of Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries. "God's Word In Many Languges" has the main purpose of sharing God's Word in different languages to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the earth!
   Gods Love for Us Preview Go
Gods Love, How much does God Love us, This page has many articles and links to help you find this out, Included is an article by Ben-Ezra Bautista where he tells his personal experience of Gods Love, Also Bible Prophecies.

   Revival Preview Go
Let Revival begin in you. Bible Scriptures about revival. Here in Lewiston, Auburn Maine we are praying for revival...
   Bargains Market webpage Preview Go
Our newest link is CC Bargains Market Group which is not only to advertise our Mazzulla's Market web-store with many bargains but also is available for Conservative groups, Christian Ministries to advertise there offers along with Christian stores advertising. This is done through posting in the group.
   Jimmy MacDonald's Website Preview Go
✞Short personal/family profiles: photos, slideshows, videos, guestbooks, photo guestbook. Scotland's Ethnic People: The travelling people, language, gaelic, beurla reagaird. Spirituality: faith, place of worship, Elim Paisley.✞
   The Rose Garden Preview Go
Simple Christian and gardening website.
   The OC blog - The Our Cockatiels Blog Preview Go
A little advice and lots of photos of our cockatiels. Cockatiels make a wonderful hobby and wonderful pets! The more you know and understand about these wonderful birds the better relationship you and your Cockatiel will have with each other. Often, we have Tiels for sale.
   Ministry of Hope Preview Go
Sharing Biblical Truths And Encouraging Sermons. Insight in Movements and Ministries, about Faith-Healing, Prosperity-Teachings, Contemplative Christianity and Emergent Church Movement. Also Inspirational Articles on Christian Living.
   Ezekiel 37 Bible Watch Ministries (webrings and links) Preview Go
Christian website using Ezekiel Chapter 37 to offer hope and salvation for the world over. We are available to minister and evangelize within Maine. Of course we are available to minister to all through e-mail, YIM etc. This a webrings and links page. Be sure to visit the rest of the website.

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