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Sony and Canon - Sony and Canon Digital Cameras. (Formerly the Sony DSC-F505 Web Ring.) Images, photography tips, features, how-to's, lin

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Sony and Canon

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Manager: lilithezine
Sony and Canon Digital Cameras. (Formerly the Sony DSC-F505 Web Ring.) Images, photography tips, features, how-to's, links, software, photo editing and anything else to do with Sony and Canon Cameras. Photographic works, including videos, which were done using Canon or Sony cameras, digital cameras or video cameras are also welcome in this webring. Whats the point of being a camera enthusiast if you're not going to show your work?

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   The Sony DSC-F505 Unofficial Resource Page Preview Go
Sony DSC-F505 Resource Page
   The Pictorial of Sydney Preview Go
This is about the city I live in, Sydney and the sights you will see as an average person living here. This is does not only focus on the beauty but the ugliness of Sydney.
   Juergens Download Software for NT and Unix Preview Go
A technical site, offering some handmade software for download and linking to a very small public gallery.

   Inside the Feminist Preview Go
"Inside the Feminist" is a photography series that gives people an inside look of what a feminist can be like. Society has many stereotypes of what a feminist can be. Many or all of these stereotypes are false. Some people actually think it is a bad word and others believe feminists are the greatest freedom fighters of all time. What is your definition?
   The Lilith Gallery of Toronto Preview Go
Feminist, political and controversial art by international and Canadian artists.
   Video Art by Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Political, feminist and gothic art/music videos by Moffat. Download the three videos, listen, watch and enjoy.
   Photography by Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
From Toronto's Gothic scene to the palaces and landscapes of South Korea, Charles Moffat continues to grow as a professional photographer. While he continues to explore painting as his main artistic practice, photography seems to be a growing occupation for him. He is currently planning an art show of both his paintings and his photographic works.
   Cindy Sherman Preview Go
Photography and biography of Cindy Sherman. Considered to be one of the ten best artists of the 20th century.
   Megan Swaine at the Lilith eZine Preview Go
Staff writer for the Lilith eZine talks shop about "The Future of Mobile Gaming" and "City Sidewalks, Cyber Sidewalks". The writer is also an actress, having starred in 2005's "Nuclear Winter", a post-9/11 satire/love story about doomsday paranoia.
   Artists & Writers Wanted!!! Preview Go
We are looking for artist & writers who enjoy creating artwork and/or writing articles, editorials, essays, rants, biographies on a variety of topics: Automobiles, Business, Economics, Fashion, Feminism, Gothic Culture, Music, Mythology, Paganism, Politics, Religion, Society, Technology, Wicca. Knowledge of website design is a must.

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