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Circle of the Fae - A ring where the fae can gather and talk about their lives and experiences on the mortal plane. This includes sites with

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Circle of the Fae

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A ring where the fae can gather and talk about their lives and experiences on the mortal plane. This includes sites with poetry, writing and art or simply some creative web design that celebrate Faery.


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   The Dreams of Lady Kree Preview Go
My site is about me. My thoughts, loves, family and fantasy.
   Fairyland Fantasy - Art and Information Preview Go
Information relating to fairies and fantasy worlds. Includes art and collectibles plus links to products and free clipart
   Faery and Fantasy Art Preview Go
This website contains an array of the various pieces of art that I created during my senior year in high school. It is mostly fantasy based and to a large extent inspired by Changeling: The Dreaming.

   Moon Willow's Home Preview Go
A simple fae home in 'da Magic Glade.
   Amethyst's Fae Enchantment Preview Go
My fascination, obsession and enchantment of the Fae, I believe!! Please feel free to stroll around my site! I would appreciate it if you'd take a moment to add your site to my Free For All Link page and sign my guestbook!! I've been updating and have just added pages devoted to Amy Brown, The Frouds and my fave movie, Labyrinth!! Take a moment to send a "Labyrinth" Postcard!
   The Leprechaun - St Patrick's Day Lyrics and Free MP3 Preview Go
St Patrick's Day music written for St Patrick's Day 2001. This is a silly analogy between the mischievious modern Leprechaun and the antiquated thinking of traditionalist Celtic musicians. It is based on the belief that as long as you share your love of the music and a few people might come to appreciate Celtic music half as much as we do, then we've done our jobs. Free music download of this song for St. Patrick's Day!
   Charmeye's Garden Preview Go
Hi! This is the Main Site for the Ring. Come on by for a Visit! *smiles*
   Under A Fae Moon Preview Go
The beginning of your journey to mythical and mysterious places, to the Land of Faerie, to the Sea, to Magical Forests, Medieval Castles, Stone Circles and the Realm of the Deadly Queen Nightshade...Don't forget to read Queen Moon's Fariy Tales!
   I Adore Faeries Preview Go
Fairies & their Kin, the art and history thereof, little tid-bits about fairies plus pics I've picked up over time. Fairies are one of the more universal mythological creatures (right up there with werewolves) of the world!
   DragonMay's Lair Preview Go
My Dragon poems, Story pages, Dragon Avatars-Tour vehicles-Chat Rooms-Fun Rooms for V.P. My love poem pages "Moments In Time "&" Poems about Love", also my poem pages "The Lighter Side" & "The Darker Side". As well as Dragon related sites, NonDragon related sites, Java Script Game Chamber, Web Rings, and Internet Email/Lottery scam pages.

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