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Story Role Play Web Ring - This is a ring for sites role playing in text style, whether that be through e-mail, on forums, or in chat. Anything fro

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Story Role Play Web Ring

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Manager: nepherasta
This is a ring for sites role playing in text style, whether that be through e-mail, on forums, or in chat. Anything from high magic to cyberpunk is welcome in this ring as long as itís text style role playing.

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   Memories of Fantasy Preview Go
Memories of Fantasy is an free-to-join online forum community for anyone who enjoys text roleplaying. Free-Form roleplaying is the current style available while a more advanced style is under construction within the site. The forum is still within its first year of existence and is quite small at the moment. Come, join, make friends, and have fun.
   Nepherasta Preview Go
Nepherasta is an interactive, story role-play setting where magic and tech meld into wondrous splendor.
   Kingdom of Palanestina Preview Go
Fantasy roleplaying chat site. Knights, Dragons, Elves, vampires and more! If you enjoy good stories, making new friends and sharing your imagination. Come step over the bridge to the floating castle of the dragons

   High Reaches Weyr Preview Go
High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass, is a role-playing and writing group based at the end of the first Long Interval on Pern. There are only three existing Weyrs, but their numbers are growing, and an old Weyr has to be reopened: High Reaches. But the Lords are not happy, and many across Pern doubt whether Thread will return. Welcome to High Reaches, and a new beginning!
   A One Piece RPG, One Dream Adventure: Eternal Preview Go
A roleplay site based on One Piece anime and manga. Members can create a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, or other unique character and explore the One Piece world.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.
   Pacific Coast Academy Preview Go
This rpg site revolves around the good old labels you get from the people around you. So welcome to the world of labels, where you finally can be someone you're not, and no one can judge you on it... all they can judge is the character you create. This site is like a real highschool based theme, so what ever you want to happen with you character is accepted here.

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