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Feminist Ring - Feminism as humanist perspective. This ring is intended for sites that examine women's relationships and roles

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Feminist Ring

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Feminism as humanist perspective. This ring is intended for sites that examine women's relationships and roles within the world political stage. Even feminist theory itself can break down into many sub-classifications such as conservative feminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism and socialist feminism. "Womyn" leans toward lesbian, feminist empowerment. "Womanist" leans toward women of color who integrate both gender and ethnic identities. Social Stratification. Books or readings that come to mind include All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men but Some of Us are Brave by Gloria T. Hull, Backlash by Susan Faludi, as well as, Sophia Chen Zen and Westernized Chinese Feminism by Katrina Gulliver. This ring is not accepting sites that simply exist to promote a product, including those targeted to women.



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   MALES CRYING Preview Go
An article about feminity within men, male feminism and androgyny of both men and women.
   femmepride 's Home Page Preview Go
This is where the femmes rule.
   Yeyesadio Writes Preview Go
A writer hungering for Alice Walker's womanist legacy reclaims her self through single motherhood, activism, and African spirituality.

   Madeline's Weblog Preview Go
The weblog of Madeline Althoff of San Jose, CA. Madeline is a progressive, Pagan, Unitarian Universalist, internationalist, pro-peace, pro-civil-liberties, activist, student, writer, bisexual, polyamorous, ecofeminist, Witch, animal lover.
   Cupiderosbooks.blogspot.com Preview Go
Random Thoughts On Spirituality, Mysticism, Art, Fashion, Music, My Poetry And Fiction Books For Sale, Random Thoughts On Photography, History, China And More. www.cupiderosbooks.blogspot.com/
   Brain Screams Preview Go
Livid Stone speaks her mind on the injustices in the world, the prejudices that shape mainstream media (movie reviews from a feminist stance), the horrifying realities of women sold into slavery (in the world and the United States), and her own personal experiences growing up a young mutt woman in an area overrun by crazy fundamentalists, the KKK, the Aryan Nation, and a murderous mayor.
   Voices Preview Go
A look at the world through the eyes of a woman.
   BAMBOO BLITZ Preview Go
Ultimately, my main reason for starting this blog was simple. I was sick and tired of unsuccessfully trying to find a diverse Filipina Canadian perspective on the Web regarding relevant issues pertaining to feminism, politics, the environment, current event, and everything in-between. The list is LONG, folks! So as long as someone out there decides to tune in, I know that that my job here is, well, done.
   Get Clucky! Preview Go
Perched between young hipsterdom and hip thirtysomethingdom, I contemplate getting pregnant.
   We Came To Protest On Behalf Of The Untitled Preview Go
Free 2 print & sell limitlessly. First issue is fictional comic-comedy-art n 6 languages. Other issues r non-fictional, interactive, protests 4 equality n areas of racism, ageism, ableism, & classism n America. The more publicity u give this zine, the more people who r facing hunger will kno about it & discover another free way 2 earn income 2 end hunger. True Love & Unity... ...4 the people!

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