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FIESTA RAVE - *-this ring is for anyone who support the rave scene and love 2 party no matter what you are *jaded, candy, junglist, ha

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*-this ring is for anyone who support the rave scene and love 2 party no matter what you are *jaded, candy, junglist, hardcore ... etc.* join if you got the P.L.U.R. spirit and got the vibe to spread it!-*...PLUR is an acronym that stands for "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect", a credo of the rave culture. Many in the rave scene have heard this term at sometime or another, although its common usage is relatively recent. Early 1990s and mid-1980s ravers often followed similar principles, but did not use this coinage to describe their beliefs. It may be interpreted as the way that a raver believes he or she should live his or her life, and how people are expected to behave at a rave. PLUR can also seen as a more mainstream variant of its predecessor LPE (Love Peace Ecstasy), because it removes the drug reference. LPE was mainly used in Europe in the early 1990s, when the rave scene became a youth subculture....Wikipedia

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One day a kandy kid got bored, and this site was the result! I'm a kandy kid. This is my site... There's pictures and other fun stuff... and sign the guestbook if ya like. The site's forever getting bigger. More and more being added all the time. Lots of fun raver stuff to check out, and other random pix too. :) Check it out, kill some time. :) P.L.U.R.
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Brain Squeezer is an emergent techno hardcore sound system from italy. Inside you can find some free mp3's of the guys, enjoy it!
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Rainglow is a shop selling Kandi Kid clothes and gear at great prices. It is also my little space on the web for all my Kandi related stuff.

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ozone333 Electronic music is mostly instrumental electronic dance music that is played at Raves and Dance parties of all types and used in TV Shows & Commercials, Student Films & Videos, Excersize, Instructional, & Extreme Sports Videos, Presentations, Motivational seminars, and just plain enjoyment!.

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