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Ancient Military History - ANCIENT MILITARY BATTLES LINKS - JOIN NOW! Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Macedonians, Spartans, or Romans Gauls, Britons. A

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Ancient Military History

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Manager: mark_churms
ANCIENT MILITARY BATTLES LINKS - JOIN NOW! Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Macedonians, Spartans, or Romans Gauls, Britons. Ancient military history armies & archaeology. Thermopylae & Battlefields & museums of antiquity, magazines & websites. An ancient world fortification, sieges, catapults. Emperors, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Sparticus, Gladiators in Rome, soldiers, weapons/tactics, reeactors & living history, books/authors, collectors, miniatures, arms, armourers, swords, & weapons…

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FREE Military Art for You to Enjoy! + Ancient History Military battles art prints, Roman soldiers & legions , Greek History, Alexander The Great v. Darius at the battle of Issus 333 B.C. & lots more. Prepare for battle! Click Now.
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FREE Roman Army Soldiers Military Art for You to enjoy today by top military artist Mark Churms! Plus ALL NEW Roman Army Military Prints, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Ancient History prints, & more. Wade ashore with Roman General Julius Caesar’s Republican Legions or ride with Greek Companion cavalry into action at Issus - prepare for battle! Click Now.
Military art of the ancient world! Commission realistic Oil Paintings: of Ancient warriors, Spartans & Thermopylae, Hannibal’s elephants, Roman Gladiators Julius Caesar, Biblical & naval Warfare or Ancient Egyptians armies, pharos, historical ships & battles. Commission oil paintings & pen or pencil drawings by naval artist Mark Churms. Great Ancient pictures, no job too small. Click for details!

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We are a small company based in Sidney , British Columbia, Canada.  We have been collecting rare and unique books from all over the world for over twenty years.  We specialize in books on Military, Historical, Heraldic, Exploration subjects.
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World Antique and Fine Reproduction Arms & Armor
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One-stop spot for military books, war movies/documentaries, collectibles, military history tour packages, battlefield tours, fly Russian Mig fighter jets, military watches, jewelry, apparel, swords, knives, military surplus and more! Military hardware (combat aircraft, naval ships, firearms etc.), strategy & tactics from Sun Tzu, Erwin Rommel, Napoleon, Hannibal and much more!
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We buy and sell ancient coins including Celtic, Greek, Roman and Hammered together with 17th Century Tokens and other Numismatic related items. There are interesting articles about Numismatic related topics such as, Henry III Class 5d's, Durotriges & Groats. We supply books and storage for your collection and provide links to other web-sites that we feel may be of interest.
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Ancient - Avant Garde Chess #1 chess ARENA free download and a NETSUKE Gallery

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