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Everything Military - MILITARY LINKS - JOIN NOW! Air force, Navy, Army, Military History websites. Militaria, collectors, wargames, military b

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Everything Military

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Manager: mark_churms
MILITARY LINKS - JOIN NOW! Air force, Navy, Army, Military History websites. Militaria, collectors, wargames, military books, magazines, computers, miniatures, arms, armourers, medals, guns, muskets, swords, artillery & weapons. Military artists/galleries. Napoleonic, Civil Wars, soldiers, generals, officers, Wild West, Battlefields. Ancient Greek/Roman, medieval knights, World Wars, WWII, American/British/ Regiments, naval, US/Royal Navy battleships, aircraft carriers. Clubs & Associations.

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   Free Military History Links - link your site today Preview Go
Your FREE Museum Military Art. Military HISTORY LINKS. Military prints & links. Air force, Navy, Army & Military Historical websites and web rings: Militaria collectors, war games, computer games, miniatures, arms & armourers, reproductions, guns, pistols, muskets swords, sabers, artillery, cannons & other weapons battles, military prints, stores & g
   Phalerisitque europeenne - European phaleristic Preview Go
Le site des ordres, médailles et décorations européens.
   French vexillology - The French flags Preview Go
The website about the french flags, for the historian, the student, the wargamer or the miniaturist.

   Read about Military History Art at MarkChurms.com Preview Go
Military History and Art for You to Enjoy Today! Military Prints of battles from Alexander the Great, Ancient Roman, English Medieval knights, Scottish Highlanders, Napoleonic Wars artillery and infantry, American Civil War, Wild West, Custer's 7th Cavalry, Zulus at Rorke's Drift, Light Brigade, British Indian Army, WWI soldiers, W.W. II & Persian Gulf War U.
   Brad's Medal Mounting Preview Go
A site dedicated to full court or swing mounting of Modern Canadian Medals both fullsize or miniature. Memorial displays and Shadow boxing are also done here. Custom made Undress Ribbon set are available and a Unique World War One Death Plaque memorial display is offered.
   Matrix Chess Preview Go
FREE ARENA CHESS GUO:: Nr. 1 combined engines !! Also Hand-made NETSUKE chess-men (figurines), please visit the gallery
   Texas History Preview Go
If you like looking at a little history of Texas you might enjoy the page that I have made on the Alamo. It does not have a lot of facts but it does have some old pictures. I have add some old recipes from a old cook book that I found. I will be putting them in straight from the book. Texas Histroy
   Embroidered Heer Badges for Collectors and Re-enactors Preview Go
Accurate embroidered repro's of German WWII badges and awards at cool prices.
   Napoleonic art from top military artist Markchurms.com Preview Go
FREE Napoleonic art from artist Mark Churms. Fine paintings and uniform studies.Plus many fine art prints of Napoleon's Cavalry and infantry, Cuirassiers at Waterloo, French Carabiniers & Saxon Guards at Borodino, Eylau, Nelson at Trafalgar, Dragoons in the Peninsular campaigns, Wellington, Scots Grays, fusiliers, grenadiers, voltigeurs and more. MarkChurms.com,
   Visiting the USS Midway Preview Go
Come with us for a visit to the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway, which was in use for 47 years from World War II to Operation Desert Storm, and which is now docked at the Navy Pier in San Diego, California.

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