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Free Form Role-Playing - Showcase your characters and worlds here! All genres are welcome--fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical, cross-ge

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Free Form Role-Playing

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Manager: amalteadarelir
Showcase your characters and worlds here! All genres are welcome--fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical, cross-genre, and more. Characters found in Rhydin are especially fitting. Sites should be based on your creations related to free form role-playing, such as portraits, stories, histories, timelines and profiles.


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   The Black Swan - A Pirate Story Line Preview Go
This is a texted based SL, via live role play and posted play on message boards. Various SL's are connected in many different ways. Have a character you'd like to add? Or just read the saga's that play out. All live RP play, is posted along with written pieces. Come join the fun today!
   Free forum : HeraldsofRoleplay Preview Go
Free forum : New Freestyle Fantasy Roleplaying Forum that is striving to contain something for everyone to enjoy.
   The Artist's Gallery Preview Go
A gallery of fantasy art, roleplaying character portraits and stories by Isaura Simon. Commissions welcome. Have your character brought to life through art.

   Pacific Coast Academy Preview Go
This rpg site revolves around the good old labels you get from the people around you. So welcome to the world of labels, where you finally can be someone you're not, and no one can judge you on it... all they can judge is the character you create. This site is like a real highschool based theme, so what ever you want to happen with you character is accepted here.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.
   Primaro Ramailyr Preview Go
Forum based Role Play. We offer the finest in Para-form RP.
   A One Piece RPG, One Dream Adventure: Eternal Preview Go
A roleplay site based on One Piece anime and manga. Members can create a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, or other unique character and explore the One Piece world.

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