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Freethought Ring - The purpose of the Freethought Ring is to provide the secular community with a convenient way of finding sites with sim

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The purpose of the Freethought Ring is to provide the secular community with a convenient way of finding sites with similar or related content.


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   Cave Hermits Union of Australia Journals Preview Go
The Cave Hermits Union for those who live straight down the political middle, not off to the right, or left wing, neither heaven nor hell, but graciously isolated, in the Middle... Atheism in the political centre, Public Services and Private Products, Protection and Welfare, 50-50 Mixed Economy... Welcome...
   Self Realization & Clear-Mindedness Preview Go
Original and often challenging writings by Philip Goddard on a wide range of self realization / self actualization and healing issues. The purest and simplest methods for self healing and self actualization and clearing yourself of all troublesome non-physical influences - the only genuine comprehensive mental health. There is an overridingly important reason why we need to jettison the whole concept of 'spirituality' and put our focus on aware clear-mindedness instead.
   Mike Rice, man of the world. Preview Go
more than just an unbeliever

   God On Trial Preview Go
A site which correctly and accurately accuses a fictitious god of atrocities which the Bible credits Him.
   Positivity Church Preview Go
Positivity Church, A positive philosophy for life where you are the center of your universe.
   If you were God would you act as God acts in the Bible? Preview Go
With due deference to Thomas Paine's ground-breaking skepticism, here are some fun postings that apply simple morality and logic to the question, "If you were Almighty God (or Jesus) of the Bible, would you act the way He acts?" The fact is, you wouldn't. No compassionate, rational human would; the many contentious Bible versions make their God out to be vindictive, irresolute, short-sighted, confused, self-contradictory and sometimes downright evil.
   Antichrist, Jesus Myth Preview Go
Selected quotes from free thinkers in regards to the Christ Myth.(Soon to be translated into Spanish)
   The UK's Leading Atheist Web Page Preview Go
A look at the historical evidence lying behind Christianity and Islam from the point of view of an atheist
   Why God Did not Write the Bible Preview Go
Dissects the preposterousness of the Noah's ark legend. List of Biblical "oopsies" -- inconsistencies.
   The Humanist Household Preview Go
Humanists and other non-theists don't get a lot of support in our religious world. To compound the problem, "family values" has been defined to exclude our families. We don't have a lot of forums to grow together - it's not like we all get together every Sunday morning. If you're a humanist with a family (or an interest in the families structures that define our society), check in often for book reviews, parenting info, cool facts, posts about ethics and philosophy, and more.

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