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The Nerd Culture Webring - Nerd Culture is a banding together of Fans and Companies to support and promote the different roleplaying game systems,

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The Nerd Culture Webring

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Nerd Culture is a banding together of Fans and Companies to support and promote the different roleplaying game systems, and anything related to "nerd culture". D&D, 3.0, 3.5, AD&D, Fuzion, Heroes Unlimited, Vampire the Masquerade, Mage, Palladium, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Star Wars, Star Trek, trekkie conventions, anime conventions, fantasy/roleplaying conventions, X-Men, Wolverine, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, WonderWoman, Shaft, Blade, Green Lantern, samurais, Ranma 1/2, japanese anime, Inuyasha, comic books, cult classic films...

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   Cyberspacology 1.01 Preview Go
Cyberspacology is the theory/practice of studying the internet (aka cyberspace) and predicting what will happen next. Some people call this "Net Philosophy" or "Digital Philosophy".
   Rise of the Blade Preview Go
"ROTB" was originally set to be published in 1998 but never made it to the printing block because the publisher TSR was bought out by Wizards of the Coast. Now it is available online, the complete unedited novel for you to read. It's not fan-fiction, its a novel that was never published.
   Are We Turning Japanese??? Preview Go
Konnichi wa! Ogenki des ka? No seriously, hello, how are you?

   Samurai Jack Preview Go
Jack Is Too Sexy, Samurai Jack Meets Wong Fei Hung, & Samurai Jack - Stayin' Alive!
   Fantasy Fiction Archive Preview Go
Fantasy writing by Charles Alexander Moffat, four full-length novels, numerous short stories and 1 novella.
   Arcane Cavalier Preview Go
A d20 Prestige Class for Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes wizards and sorcerers forge mystical bonds with their mounts, usually the result of casting beneficial spells on their mount (Spider Climb, Haste, Bullís Strength, etc). This bond results in the mount gaining special magical abilities and the rider achieving a state of oneness with their chosen mount.
   Nerdsource: A Source For All Things Nerdy Preview Go
Articles and Links about nerds, geeks and nerdy culture. Nerd/Geek sites. Nerd/Geek films. Nerd/Geek issues.
   Nerd Rap Preview Go
A blog dedicated to exposing and reviewing nerdy MC's and the ever growing Nerdcore music genre. Nerdcore for life!
   Is D&D Evil? An Educated & Enlightened Rebuttal Preview Go
Some religious folks claim D&D is evil, satanic and will make your children commit suicide. Here is the honest truth people: Its just a game and its usually played by adults. Its no different than playing "Final Fantasy" on the computer except it uses dice. Kind of like Monopoly, but no one says Monopoly is satanic or suicidal.
   Braces Memories Preview Go
A Nostalgic Look at Orthodontic Braces Through The Years.

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