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The Ring of NATO Politics - The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (French: Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord OTAN; also called the North

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The Ring of NATO Politics

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (French: Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord "OTAN"; also called the North Atlantic Alliance, the Atlantic Alliance, or the Western Alliance) is a military alliance established by the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4 April 1949. With headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the organisation establishes a system of collective security whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party, thereby making countries like Britain, Canada, France and others puppets for the United States to use during war time.

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We live in a democratically elected oligarchy. An oligarchy means we have a lot of people but the people who make the decisions come from a very small group of people in our society (which in the case of North America is "rich white men"). Thats right... we elect rich white men. Thats it. Sometimes we elect a female, or someone who isn't white... but usually (95% of the time) we elect a RICH WHITE MAN.
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George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, The First Lady, Mrs Cheney, Oil Pipelines, Banks, Financial Institutions, Gas Stations, Oil Companies, The White House, Air Force One, The Lincoln Memorial, Camp David, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Theme parks, Grand Central Station, shopping malls, Alan Greenspan... no one and no where is safe.
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WASHINGTON—Jun. 18, 2004. 10:48 AM. U.S. has secret jails, report says. Abuse of terror suspects called `inevitable'. CIA contractor charged in Afghan prisoner death. The United States is holding terrorism suspects in more than two dozen detention centres worldwide and about half of these operate in total secrecy, said a human rights report released yesterday.
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