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Globalization - Webring for sites that discuss globalization - trends, effects, impact, and ramifications of the trend toward global eco

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Webring for sites that discuss globalization - trends, effects, impact, and ramifications of the trend toward global economy and global government and the decline of local business.



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   21st Century Vision Preview Go
21st Century Vision is a weblog of articles produced by some members of the United Nations Association in London and is concerned with the changing world order in the 21st century and its impact on our lives. It is a weblog for debate and comment with politicians also taking part.
   Democratic Globalization Preview Go
This group is for global citizens who think we need more (and better) globalization, not less. We discuss on proposals to create democratic global institutions, where gradually all citizens of the world be directly represented.
   Worldpolitics Preview Go
Group at yahoo! View discussions, post messages, add links, upload photos and files, and more!

   New World Order: Seek and Destroy Preview Go
World Libertarianism is now the only alternative to globalist oppression. A multitude of free sovereign nations competing in a free world market has natural workability superior to any form of world government and can be less easily subverted to collectivism. We cannot continue in the present mode of ignoring the future. This website starts by addressing basic issues of thinking and then quickly moves to increasing detail.
   Flag Burning Preview Go
Burn the American Flag Online
   Big Business Preview Go
Lastest news and analysis on M A R K E T S. A comprehensive site that covers all aspects of Finance, Money and Business. Stocks, Mutual Funds, Futures, Options, Currencies and Gold. Off Shore, Taxes, Insurance, Real Estate and Investments. Visit our great Book Store. Another BATR site!
   Health Facts & Natural Cures Preview Go
Medical Lies & Health Secrets They Don't Want You To Know
   Climate Change Resources Preview Go
This site is designed to complement my climate change blog. It is a resource site links to reports and organisations involved in climate change mitigation and sustainability issues.

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