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Psychedelic Visions - A collection of the finest psychedelic sites on the web. Psychedelic Visions is for image, music, drug culture or other

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Psychedelic Visions

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A collection of the finest psychedelic sites on the web. Psychedelic Visions is for image, music, drug culture or other drug related web sites. I will usually take only those mentioned, but sometimes others will be accepted as well. I believe in the expansion of consciousness and awareness.

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   Salvia Divinorum Australia Sage Crusaders for Freedom Preview Go
Salvia Divinorum, the Psychedelic Sage/Mint. Has been Banned in Australia. Here Australian Salvianauts get together to Crusade for Freedom to use Salvia Divinorum and Freedom to research this remarkable Psychedelic herb.
   Devil One's Virtual Trip Preview Go
Well it's a little site I'm putting together to show much TRIBUTE to the visuals of LSD, Shrooms, Peyote, and all the wonderful Hallucinogens out in this vast world of ours. So sit back and relax and take a ride on this trip.
   Doctor Hoffman's Magical Bicycle Ride Preview Go
A fable about a man, an ergot derivative, and a bicycle, conceived as a song-cycle inspired by the groups of London 1967 such as Tomorrow, The Pretty Things, and The Pink Floyd

   Surrealistic Realms Preview Go
Strange, psychedelic art and music composed by Harold Sleeper.
   lost in the most beautiful Dream... Preview Go
A collection of MANY links, images, and information about paranormal topics, psychedelic, experimental, 80s, punk, noise, music AND BEYOND.
   PsYcHeDeLiC MuSiC Preview Go
Rare Psychedelia.
   Erowid Psychoactive Vaults Preview Go
Thousands of pages of information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and their use by humans. Includes photos, chemistry, legal info, effects, dosages, etc.
   Adventures in Consciousness Preview Go
From Baptist to Buddhist and the Beyond; or, Tales of a Spiritual Deviant: personal recollections of my early years, up to and including a sojourn into schizophrenia, some three decades ago.
   Brojo's Psychedelic Experience Preview Go
A tripped-out trek into the far-flung fringes of psychedelia.
   Liquid Sound Designs Preview Go
Liquid Sound Designs: a psychedelic liquid lightshow based in Springfield, Missouri.

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