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Harry Potter Sites United - Linking together Harry Potter sites from around the world.  Discussions about the harry potter movies, fan fiction,

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Harry Potter Sites United

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Linking together Harry Potter sites from around the world.  Discussions about the harry potter movies, fan fiction, actor profiles and pictures.


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   Harry Potter Grimoire: Elixir of Night Potion of Odd Preview Go
For those muggles who don't know, an encyclopedia of sorts about the world of magic and its roots in the "real" world. Wizards might enjoy browsing here, too.
   Unforgettable Curses Preview Go
This is a Harry Potter RPG that takes place 7 years after Harry and the Gang have left Hogwarts. This is the next generation of students, wanting to show who they are. They face challenges, from doing their homework, playing quidditch, romance, and even choosing their futures. Will they join the fight against the Dark Lord, or will the join his ranks?
   The Hogwarts School: An Online RPG Preview Go
The Hogwarts School: An Online RPG is a multiplayer rpg of Hogwarts. Students will be able to play a form of Quidditch, do homework, duel, communicate with other members, earn points to win the house cup, and many participate in many other plot lines.

   Virtual Harry Preview Go
Here you can be sorted into a school house, try your hand at wizard dueling, join the Quidditch team, or just see what character you most fit in the world of Harry Potter. Also includes current news about the books and movies, plus a fan fiction section just waiting for additions!
   Skylar Academy of Myths and Legends Preview Go
Skylar Academy is a Hogwarts/Harry Potter RPG with a bit of a twist. I know what you're thinking. It's board-based. Well, that's been overseen due to the fact that there is NO cooler HP fan site in the world. We have classes, discussions, chat, and our own, unique Houses. Also, for those who have Muggle lives, we've also got a homework help section! Please ma
   The_Cruciatus Preview Go
Harry potter Roleplay Board! Order vs Deatheaters! Come inside join the dark side of life cast yourself into the beyond the darkness is within you. The Phoenix commands you as a member of the Order to defeat evil choose your fate. Now you must make your decision...will you ally with the Deatheaters Or the Order?
   The Pensieve RPG Preview Go
With the war beginning, one of the safest places was at Hogwarts. With more followers joining Voldemort, chaos spread throughout the magical world. No one could trust unfamiliar people, fearing that someone could turn on them in a heartbeat, whether under the influence of a curse or pure evilness. With his crew of Death Eaters, Voldemort's first reign of panic started in 1970.
   Enchantment: A Harry Potter RPG Preview Go
Enchantment is a brand new Harry Potter RPG that is in need of students, teachers, and moderators. What we want to to is create a real Hogwarts-esque atmosphere, and keep this RP as active as possible. Although it's mostly for semi-experienced role players, anyone is welcome as long as they are decent writers. I hope you join, because it's the members that make the RPG.
   Percy's Potter Page Preview Go
This is my Harry Potter fansite with the theme centralized upon Percy Weasley. There's cool games, a working fan fiction, and other features!
   Theme 'Harry Potter' Big Brother 2004 Preview Go
Play the online game. Read instructions inside.

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