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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring - A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring

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Manager: hmw1863
A ring devoted exclusively to historical miniature wargaming and allied materials.

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   Imperial Army Preview Go
I offer to paint 25mm, 15mm and other scales from any period to a good quality for very low price $1.00 for 15mm and $3.00 for 25mm. Other painting services would charge you double my price.
   French vexillology - The French flags Preview Go
The website about the french flags, for the historian, the student, the wargamer or the miniaturist.
   Computer-Assisted Wargames Enterprises Preview Go
Develops and sells computer software for running historical miniatures wargames. An operational-level game, Active Armor WWII, is the first offering.

   Prague Historical Wargaming Group Preview Go
We are a small group of historical war gamers living in,and around,Prague in the Czech Republic.Every one is welcome.We are mostly interested in playing historical games with figures,although we also play board games as well.We play all periods from Ancients through to World War Two.We have a selection of rules and figures from different periods and you are welcome to come along and
   Napoleonic Wargaming Preview Go
Uses miniature figures to illustrate Napoleonic uniforms at various battles, also includes OOBs and anything else I can think of.
   Spearhead: France 1944 Preview Go
This web site will feature researched WWII material with application to miniatures wargaming using the Spearhead rules by Arty Conliffe. Other items concerning WWII unit organization and campaign information are also included.
   Mainly 28s... Preview Go
A wargames review site focussing on 28mm figures, vehicles, terrain and rules, as well as other odds and ends. The most unique part of the site is the comparison tool which allows you to choose which figures to see next to each other. Also on the site are several sets of free rules and links to many other sites of interest.
   Iron Brigade Preview Go
We're a trio of friends who get together regularly to play miniature wargames and talk wargaming.
   Toy Soldiers Depot Preview Go
We carry a wide range of Plastic Soldiers, Vehicles, and Accessories! In 1/32nd To 1/72nd scale. Everything from knights to modern soldiers. Get exactly what you need to fill out your playsets and armies!
   Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring Preview Go
Home page of the Historical Miniatures Wargaming Ring.

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