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Horror Writers - A ring for all writers of horror, ghost stories, vampire and monster tales, crazed mad scientists, gothic romance, haunt

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Horror Writers

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A ring for all writers of horror, ghost stories, vampire and monster tales, crazed mad scientists, gothic romance, haunted houses, and other tales of scary stuff. Childrens, teens, young adults, or adult books, poems, novels, and short story collections. By published or unpublished, new or established writers. Ghosts, goblins, murder mystery, crime, suspence, Halloween, serial killers, cursed items, paranormal, supernatural, terror, fear, the unknown, UFO's, alien abduction, enchanted forests, black magic, vampires, werewolves, serines, phookas, faries, dryads, nightmares, skeletons, spiders, spooks, specters, bats, gargoles, wizards, witches, magic, etc. Personal home pages, about me, official sites, forums, Proboards, message boards, eBay groups, eBay profiles, Amazon profiles, Listmainia, CafePress shops, Yahoo Groups, blogs, online journals, chat rooms, fanlistings, fan sites, online communities, memorials, info sites, people, places, things, or ideas.



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   Satan's Mirror Preview Go
When the devil kidnaps her daughter, the agnostic host of a paranormal television show must set aside her doubt and find a way into hell to save her little girl.
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Fictional writing of author / novelist Robert A Read aka Mysteral Night Prowler. Novels, short stories, poetry.
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the site is dedicated to news and info about my book,and its release.

   Of Hidden Wings an e-book Preview Go
Too many deaths, unexplained. Stories of demons, of angels, of a village filled with dhampir children... What were the vampire hunters supposed to think? And so they kept coming, and so they kept dying. Yet what hunts here is not so simple, and love is far stranger than any tales of heaven or hell. The heart does, what the heart will...
   Scary Ghost Stories Preview Go
Scary Ghost Stories is a place to share your actual real life, true scary experiences with the super natural or unexplained. Do you wish to have one told here? E-Mail it to me!

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