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Fantasy Wrestling E-Federation - This ring is for Fantasy Wrestling. If you have a Fantasy Wrestling League, then you want to join this Webring.

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Fantasy Wrestling E-Federation

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Manager: nerdbunker
This ring is for Fantasy Wrestling. If you have a Fantasy Wrestling League, then you want to join this Webring.


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   Unsanctioned Wrestling Preview Go
Create polls and fantasy commentary for your favorite pro wrestlers! No storylines.
   NorthWestChampionship X-Treme Wrestling Preview Go
The NWC is a star graded RolePlay site, Where i will grade your roleplays each week for your up-coming match and you will recieve push points for it. My results page is basically based on Feuds and storyline, but members can view the play by play results. My first ever show will be posted on Saturday night and will be explosive so if you just want to visit come on in.
   Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment Preview Go
A New Fed looking for More Talent. Please come and Join this fed, it is a fed for the people, by the people

   NLFW: No Limits Federation Wrestling Preview Go
A relitivley new E-Fed, started by a veteran of another E-fed, so he knows what he is doing. This uses the Free-Thinking system, so it is not bound by strict rules. join up, it's a rush!
   Death Match Xtreme Preview Go
This is a xtreme e-fed. have alot of xtreme matches. have alot of opening in our roster, desperatly need wrestlers.
GCW is back on the net with a whole new attitude.....a totally uncensored e-fed where you can pretty much say whatever or do whatever you want!! GCW is targeted at people who want to be in e-feds but don't have the time because of work, etc. to compete in most e-feds. In GCW you only have to roleplay a min. of 2 times a week....that's it!!! Who doesn%2
   Keenbeans WWE Preview Go
You don't sign up for this it's basically a diary of my own WWE which I'm playing out on Promotion Wars. I write the results, the columns, previews and reviews, and I give my own comments on real wrestling - worth a look at least!
   X-treme Global Wrestling Preview Go
This site will have 2 shows a week and 1 PPV a month. It is starting out and reall wants more people to join the e-fed. SO PLEASE JOIN TODAY AND TELL YOUR FREINDS!!
   The UFWL Preview Go
The UFWL, an old fed with a new concept. That concept is feud based roleplaying. Check us out.
   The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance Preview Go
The Xwa is a Trivia Based Rp Federation that has been in operation for over 2 years now. The Legends of Trivia like Masked Genius, Cruncher and Terrell Yelder have competed Proudly. and of course the veterans like Brandon S Yelder, Shane Montez and Synyster have stalked the Xwa since it's birth. The Xwa is the future of E-fed won't you join us for the evoultion of Internet based wr

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