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Idealistic - A ring of expressions and dreams of both guys and girls...it's about saying what you believe in and what this world shou

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Manager: traciels
A ring of expressions and dreams of both guys and girls...it's about saying what you believe in and what this world should be like...it's about living in an idealistic world without the stereotypes, the racism, and the hate...it's about dreaming of an unrealistically perfect world...it's for dreamers...

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   another girl's paradise Preview Go
You've come a-lingering in another girl's paradise...(- Tori Amos) This is the garden of my soul, the place where my dreams and visions grow, bloom and ripen. Tread lightly - and may you leave with a seed of light and shadow in your heart to plant in the place that is your paradise.
   youngrebels.com fan site Preview Go
We have the intelligence and ability as a species to maintain our health peacefully within Earth's circle of life
   Poet's Corner Preview Go
Poetry submitted by original artists, fans of classic poets, and my own poems written over the years. Includes archives of old submissions and the rules for getting your own archive. Also contains links to my short stories.

   Living Poetry Garden Preview Go
A garden of thought, dedicated to redefining the human condition. i trust one*thing, Change is Inevitable. Change your life, change the world. - Magic*Happens.
   Poetry InnerSpace Preview Go
Poetry - the ultimate binder of puzzle pieces - is an illusive reminder that reality at the edge of experience is important and beyond emotional measure, somewhere between feeling and thinking.
   written gardens Preview Go
if I could describe it, I might not need to write it every day... to me it's creativity, therapy, sanctuary, communication, and a wave hello to you and the universe.... what's it to you?
   Tracie's Little Home on the Web Preview Go
I am definitely a dreamer & an Idealist, being an INFP personality type. My site is about my family & I & our interests.
   .:Artwerker-Artwork & Designs by Robert L. Martin:. Preview Go
An exhibit of work by Robert L. Martin. Bold geometric ceramic assemblages, colorful landscape paintings, digital photography, architectural design, & web page design. Links to artists' work & resources from around the world.
   Embracing Truth @ Timeless Ink Press Preview Go
A Man*Ifesto of Global*Luvolution, dedicated to spreading the message of L.O.V.E. to mankind - there by lifting Man*Kind into the Age of Compassion, raising the vibration of truth and ushering in the Age of Humanity. - Magic*Happens
   OzPolitic - Australian Politics Preview Go
Forum, Global Warming, Carbon Taxes, Electoral Reform, Sustainability, Gardening, Evolution in Education, Green Tax Shifts, The Australian People's Party

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