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iFreedom Webring - This ring has sites whose owners support internet freedom, free speech on the web, and are against internet censorship.

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iFreedom Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
This ring has sites whose owners support internet freedom, free speech on the web, and are against internet censorship. Please note: only the government can censor. The right to grant or refuse a forum for speech an individual disagrees with is a First Amendment right. Freedom comes only from responsibility; therefore these sites will not contain any scams or other misleading work. Government censorship happens when people act irresponsibly, either as individuals or government officials. Under new management; until all sites have been screened, caveat emptor.


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   Larry Flynt Defender of the First Amendment Preview Go
Larry Flynt,Defender of the First Amendment. He talks about god,body,obscene,hustler,Democrats.GOP,Justice Department,pornography,social ills,president,jerry,falwell,bush,cheney,Legal,Prostitution,Majority,rule,money,Religion.
   ChildfreeMan1962's Web Site, A True Childfree Man Preview Go
Contains: My web rings. My Disavowal of Christianity Letter and my Disavowal of Unitarian Universalism (UU) Email; Evolution Weekend and Darwinmas Eve/Darwinmas Day. The childfree definition; The Childfree or Not Childfree Test; The Childfree Women's Weekend, Childfree Men's Weekend and Childfree Pride Weekend. Personal information. My photography (Night photos, Holiday Lights photos, Snowstorm photos, Washington - Whidbey Island photos that include Langley photos and Clinton photos, soon: Washington - more of Whidbey Island, Mt. St. Helens, my garden, etc., Maryland, California, Oregon, Italy - Mt. Etna, Sicily, Pisa, Northwest Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, etc., and sunsets, sunrises, lightning, fireworks, birds, butterflies, bees, other insects, etc.)
   Interative Supreme Court Preview Go
The Interactive Supreme Couurt has 25 pages of law related information. We have links to The Supreme Court;legal quizes;legal and cop news;legal humor and insults;a mob gallery;a hot seat pag;pages on Justices Thomas and Marshall;free legal graphics and more! Interactive Suupreme Court provides general legal information and is maintained by a retired lawyer! We are Webtv and fa

   CabalWatch Preview Go
An ode to the folly of crowds, especially those with Internet Access. Includes "A Few Innocent Mistakes": Some quasi-historical speculation about how Political Correctness took hold on the Internet during the 1990s, and what could have been done to produce better results.
   Incindiary's Anti-Clinton Site Preview Go
This site uncovers Clinton's corruption, scandals and crimes. Also, funny photos and video clips!
   MP3 For Free Preview Go
Cant Find it on Napster? Nor the FTP's? Not the Search Engines? Well who is going to find that MP3 you have been searching forever for? We will! For Free.
   lucath's New Xenaland Preview Go
all things xena and xena/lucy
   bbiker Preview Go
Its about Freedom, Minnesota Links, News, Weather, Motorcycles, Rants and Raves, Misc and Fun Stuff
   Tempest in a Teapot : The Raven Blackbane Saga Preview Go
This is religion? The story of how the local cabal on a Wiccan newsgroup attempted to trump up criminal charges against a skeptical visitor, and the ever escalating game of "can you top this" that lead to that travesty.
   Cypress College Radio Preview Go
Streaming LIVE the best in underground & street level entertainment. CC Radio is the best stuff you've Never heard!

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