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INFP Ring - INFPs are one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. INFPs are most often described as quiet, creative, perceptive so

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INFPs are one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. INFPs are most often described as quiet, creative, perceptive souls, with a fiery inner-life. We can be seen as cold on first glance, but peering deeper into our inner-workings will reveal the warmth, compassion, and spirit we often have a hard time expressing. These websites provide information on INFPs, both through technical analyzations, and personal experiences. Join in!

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   The INFP Discussion List Preview Go
The INFP list was founded in November 1993 by Charles Shepherd, due to the interest he and several others had developed in personality psychology. The list membership has grown over the years, and there are now over one hundred and fifty subscribers, representative of several different countries.
   eleben am nail polish Preview Go
   Hillwalkers home Preview Go
Information about Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada. Links for amateur radio, luthiery and Wicca. Contacts for Bi, Queer and Polyamory information. (And the manditory pictures of the cats.)

   Katie's All Mixed Up Transsexual Life Preview Go
A MtF transsexual psychology graduate student discusses transsexuality and transgenderism from a personal, psychological, and feminist perspective.
   Dreaming Spirits Preview Go
Dreaming Spirits is a fanfiction and poetry writing site dedicated to the works and worlds of L M Montgomery - the creator of Anne of Green Gables
   undergroundwoman - from angst to action Preview Go
Details my internal struggles to become the fully actualized best version of myself -- something which INFPs understand better than anyone. We have to stick together, being about 1% of the general population! :)
   I Talk To Four Walls Preview Go
20-something female's online journal of her mundane life
   Aerendel Preview Go
Aerendel began as a literary magazine, became a website. There is some community-friendly stuff there, stories, links to other INFPs, The outline of a computer role-playing game that just might some day become live and multi-player in one form or another- Come on in- look around-
   GYPSYKING Preview Go
not much except Bio
   Stir The Cauldron Preview Go
Emphasis is on finding your own path. Arwen offers how-to's on Tarot and incense as well as original spells and rituals. Poetry and mythmaking are here as well.

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