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International Meditation Directory - The International Meditation Directory is a collection of the finest sites on the net that promote and support the pract

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International Meditation Directory

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The International Meditation Directory is a collection of the finest sites on the net that promote and support the practice of Meditation.

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   Christian Meditation Techniques Preview Go
How safe is Meditation? Should Christians Meditate? There are two types of Meditation, one is from the Bible and the other from Satan. How to tell the difference so that you don't accidentally open yourself up to the evil ones suggestions.
   Taoist philosophy for the 21st Century Preview Go
This is an introductory website of Taoim but also a new interpretation in modern terms. It suits both general and academic readers. Taoism is a philosophy, a religion, and a way of life. It is a vehicle of pure philosophical speculation and also serves as a practical guide to living.
   Personality and Beyond Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Going beyond personality and that is meditation. Transformation and transcendence of a self-centered personality by means of active or silent meditations, within the energyfield of an accomplished Master.

   KARASHATRE Preview Go
KARASHATRÉ "CREER ES CREAR" SANA TU CUERPO SANANDO TU MENTE Karashatré nace con finalidad de ofrecer novedosos tratamientos de bienestar que ayudan a armonizar cuerpo y mente. A través de técnicas milenarias como Reijukido, Magnified Healing, Gemoterapia, Ho´oponopono y Sanación Transmutacional se trabaja la redistribución del calcio en la columna vertebral sanando todo el cuerpo y reequilibrando los chacras. Son tratamientos por imposición de manos que actúan como regeneradores a nivel celular y de memoria de ADN trabajando la activación de las Glándulas Pineal, Pituitaria y Timo que es la responsable de nuestro sistema inmunológico. Se recomiendan en situaciones de stress, hiperactividad, ansiedad, miedos, timidez, fobias, depresión, baja autoestima, falta de c
Osho en español. En estas paginas encontraras textos de los maestros espirituales mas relevantes (Osho, Nisargadatta, UG, Krishnamurti...) Tambien podras encontrar links a las paginas web más importantes sean de taoismo, advaita, yoga, zen, sufismo,...
   NAAM : New Age Accelerated Meditation Preview Go
Check us out and get the fastest way to the deepest mind-body-soul experience in one place ! Write to us for more information. Do not miss out this !
   Buddhist Meditation in the Theravada tradition Preview Go
Home of the Vipassana Fellowship and the online meditation centre since 1997. Resources, guidance and support for meditators in a Theravada Buddhist context.
   Maha Yoga Cyber-Ashram- Meditation Shaktipat Kundalini Preview Go
Free instruction and initiation in Maha Yoga, the ancient science of enlightenment. Information on meditation, shaktipat diksha, and kundalini.
   Contemplative 'Centering' Prayer 4 hour conference Preview Go
Trappist monk, Father William Meninger gives a four hour conference on prayer in general and contemplative prayer (Centering Prayer- prayer that centers one on God) in particular. Includes teaching from "The Cloud of Unknowing," a 14th Century book on contemplation written for lay people. Conference is available on DVD, VHS video, Audio CD, MP3, and Internet download.
   Arials Voice Preview Go
A site for all who are interested in mind Focus objects and a free open door for helpful advice or just a listenting ear.I have worked in the mental health field for ten years and have learned patience and an understanding of the human spirit. Come and and vist my new little page or you can knock at my door any time,I am always home at arialcrow777@aol.com Peace be with you Arialcrow777

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