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Japanese - Nihongo - Japanese language sites and resources online. The Japanese language is interesting. The verbs are fairly complex, and th

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Japanese - Nihongo

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Japanese language sites and resources online. The Japanese language is interesting. The verbs are fairly complex, and the word "not" is included in the verb quite often. Subjects of sentences are somewhat rare, and it has no singular or plural. Japanese has tones, but they are not complex. Many words have been borrowed from Chinese, and compound words from Chinese roots are common. The written system of the Japanese language is equally interesting. It has characters known as kanji, which were borrowed from Chinese. There are about 660 of these that are learned by schoolchildren, while there are about 1800 in common use. Japanese has little particles somewhat like prepositions. The endings of verbs and these particles are written in kana, which are simplified characters. Another set of kana is used exclusively for foreign words. Kana are a syllabary rather than an alphabet. Most of them represent a consonant plus a vowel. Most fields also have their own specialized kanji.

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