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Amazing Jewish Women, Family and friends - This WebRing features sites by and for Jewish women, which may include Torah, learning, marriage, family, personal home

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Amazing Jewish Women, Family and friends

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This WebRing features sites by and for Jewish women, which may include Torah, learning, marriage, family, personal home pages, organizations, businesses run by Jewish women, and any sites dedicated to famous Jewish women. All denominations and degrees of religious observance are welcome, . Sites should be well-maintained and suitable for viewing by all ages.This logo graphic image was hand drawn by a Bitsela artist and is a composite of forms and colors she saw in Medieval documents at the Jewish Museum in Paris. 

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   Jewish Crafts Discussions and Resources Preview Go
J-CRAFTS (Jewish Crafts Discussions and Resources) focuses on creating crafts with a Jewish theme. Members create handcrafted Judaica for life cycle events and everyday living, Simchas, rituals and/or holy days. J-CRAFTS is based on the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah -- the practice of taking objects -- personal, communal or ritual -- and making them more beautiful to gl
   Judy Frankel: a tribute Preview Go
A website to honour a truly amazing Jewish woman: Judy Frankel, singer-songwriter; preserver and performer of Sephardic songs. May her memory be for a blessing.
   amritait.com Preview Go
A page of our portal-type site www.amrita-it.com . The page deals exclusively with the Jew nation, with sympathy.

   Celestial y Sublime, OFRAH HAZA Preview Go
Celestial y sublime, palabras que elegí para definir no sólo la voz, sino la persona de Ofrah Haza. Ninguna cantante puede compararse con Ofrah Haza, respecto a su personalidad y talento...
   Jewish Scrapper's Resource Preview Go
Ideas, layouts, poetry, song lyrics, tips, links, Hebrew help and more for Jewish scrapbookers.
   I know this probably bad for me Preview Go
Blog of a 30-something bleeding heart liberal feminist Jewish mama, veteran of depression, procrastination, wrestling demons and taking the next breath; engaged in community organizing, watercolor, crochet, reading, being on-line, NYT crosswords and personal growth. Hoping to connect with kindred spirits; share a slice o' life with folks that care; debate and sharpen
   Atelier Yoyita Art Gallery Preview Go
Ten commandments, Aseret Hadiberot
   Women of the Bible Preview Go
An essay about women mentioned in the Scriptures. A different approach.
   GENESSA -- One-Stop Shopping Mall and Library! Preview Go
GENESSA is many things: a place to read fiction, nonfiction articles, personal and other essays, poetry and even blogs by GENESSA's Lady G; a women-founded, -owned and -managed one-stop shopping mall; and a source of information on various topics. Find essays on the main product pages (for example, even if you're not in the market for candy or auto insurance, click those links in the index to see something amusing or moving having to do with those topics) and all kinds of writing linked from the BOOKS page (again, see index). Despite remodeling there are many viable & interesting sections ranging from adoption resources to travel products & services, and everything between except extreme religion, conservative politics, fur, tobacco, gambling (unless free games are available) & iffy "health" products.
   genessa -- onions! Preview Go
Lady G expounds upon onions, garlic and seemingly unrelated matters, ranging from the TV miniseries Holocaust to a chopped liver recipe.

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