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Laugh Your Self Silly - An amusing, interesting, funny ring of sites created by people who are insane and/or like to hit the bottle.  You m

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Laugh Your Self Silly

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Manager: silverpossum

An amusing, interesting, funny ring of sites created by people who are insane and/or like to hit the bottle.  You may need prescriptions for Prozac and Lithium after your journey through this asylum :)


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   Page O Beer Preview Go
A page with a beer theme with downloads, cures, recpies and much more.
   Bored No Mo Preview Go
Things to do when you're bored and surfing the net.
   The Ponderplace Preview Go
My thought and rants on societies consistent displays of humourous stupidity...and a picture of a cow.

   Page of Soiree Preview Go
Site devoted to drinking and good times
   Harmonie Firefly's Corner In The Round Room of Insanity Preview Go
Mostly Gundam Wing weirdness, YAOI is a definate... also some other random things... some sailor moon stuff and what not... ^___^
   Graffiti On The Sun presents a completely random often Preview Go
The name of the blog says it all. This is a new series of badly drawn sometimes somewhat funny comic strips.
   Past Expiry cartoons Preview Go
Great offbeat cartoons featuring over 240 miscellaneous cartoons by me.... a weirdo!
   The Scum Shopping Network Preview Go
A site parodying home shopping channels and other funny stuff in life. In addition to parody and satire, the site praises "the fat chick" and those who love fat chicks, since the site owners are, themselves, big, beautiful women. Almost everyone qualifies as a scumbag, by our definition. Laugh your butt off at topics such as "Scum Haiku", "Stuff To Think About", a
   theRidiculous.com-Where the Fool is King Preview Go
Daily Jokes, Site of the Day, Joke Post, Ridiculous News Headlines, images, movies. If it's Ridiculous, it'll show up on theRidiculous.com
   Shades of Reality Preview Go
This site has nothing to do about anything. Just the paranoid ramblings of a writer wannabe who just happens to have delusions of insanity. If that makes sense...if it doesn't oh well. If you have to sudden urge to waste a few moments of your life check out this site. So...yeah. Bah.!

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