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Lilith - The Demonic Reality of Feminism - The Feminist Movement has created a new form of slavery for the modern woman. It can be said that the Women's Liberatio

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Lilith - The Demonic Reality of Feminism

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The Feminist Movement has created a new form of slavery for the modern woman. It can be said that the Women's Liberation Movement was both good and necessary, but because those who led the movement were ignorant of how the feminine power of body, mind, and spirit moves within the Divine Pattern of Creation, women today are unaware of their inherent feminine powers of mind and spirit! And while woman has broken free from the shackles of what she sees as male dominance, she has unknowingly alienated herself from her own strengths and essence of being that should be her birthright. In the Divine Pattern of Creation, the polarities of male and female are equal--but equal does not mean the same. In some cultural ways, the modern feminist movement has succeeded in making women surrogate men as women endeavor to reinterpret woman's role in order to gain equality. However, the suppression of the feminine power of mind and spirit has been devastating to all men, women, and especially the children who have been totally severed from their own higher reality!


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The spiritual destruction, abortion, and detrimental effect of the public school environment which alienates children from their true self, and from the knowledge and access to the inner Kingdom of God that Jesus said we must enter through the next levels of soul and spiritual birth that is absolutely necessary in order to survive death and enter into the next stage of Life.
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Since the dawn of time the powerful biblical images of manís fate have been continually misunderstood. That the most authentic visionaries have long warned us that the scriptures are not a history book -- but rather, spiritual events that come to pass in the life of the disciple, well confirms Yeshua's warning that few men are capable of understanding the true meaning of the Bible and the process of rebirth.

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Jesus said you must be Born Again to enter the Kingdom. Nowhere in the Bible does it remotely suggest that present-day born again Christians have fulfilled this requirement. We are an Embryonic Image of our pre-existent soul, and we must experience the next stage of birth by merging the paradoxical male/female forces of Creation within our own mind and being. We must walk in TheWay
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The Spiritual Marriage between man and woman is the Divine Pattern of Creation and the teachings of The Way. Feminism, misogynistism, our liberal culture, as well as modern church doctrine, are all detriments to man's entrance into the Kingdom of God. The revelation of the alchemy of sex within the Tree of Life, and the Sacred Truths that everyone should know about marriage and life.
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