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The Lindsey Fan Webring - For everyone who loves that sexy lawyer from Angel, Lindsey MacDonald. Shipper and Fan Sites welcome.

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The Lindsey Fan Webring

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Manager: buffsta
For everyone who loves that sexy lawyer from "Angel", Lindsey MacDonald. Shipper and Fan Sites welcome.

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   Shattered Mirrors Preview Go
A BtVS/Ats slash fanfic site. There's mostly Spike/Xander fic at the moment, but I'm hoping to get *lots* of Lindsey/m fic soon.
   Bridget's Miscs Preview Go
A nice little catch all drawer for links Lindsey McDonald and Angel. Hopeful home of fan fiction and pictures.
   W.L.A.S.C. Preview Go
A Site for Willow, Lindsey, Angel, Spike, and Cordelia Fan Fiction.

   One Hell Of A Love Preview Go
The First Willow/Lindsey archive. Have Fics, links, and more....
   Second Chances Preview Go
Fan fiction based on Calliope's Lindsey fic "An Angel Among Us." Doyle has a new destiny and a new face, but is it a face that Cordelia could learn to love? Features Lindsey and other characters from Calliope's universe.
   Lindsey McDonald Fan Fiction Preview Go
This page is meant to be a companion to our mailing list.  I am starting by archiving the fics that have come into the list.  Keep in mind that we have only just started, the list and this page!
   Now Entering Hellmouth Preview Go
A site dedicated to all things Buffy and Angel with fic, pics, awards to win, and much more

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