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All Kinds of Websites! - Looking to explore a wide variety of websites? Check out the many sites listed below to find information, products and s

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All Kinds of Websites!

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Manager: teenagermusic
Looking to explore a wide variety of websites? Check out the many sites listed below to find information, products and some that are just good fun.


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   Dictionary.ms; a guide to researching ANYTHING Preview Go
Links to any area you may need to refer to. Search Engines and Computers. Encyclopedias, Dictionary, Tools, etc. Currency Conversion and Language Translation. Web Site design and electronic commerce consulting.
   Railroad History Chicago and the Midwest Preview Go
Home to everything you ever wanted to know about railroad history in Chicago and the Midwest. Read about railroads that are now just history. Links to many railroad resources. Of interest to the railroad manager, railfans, advocates of super railroads, railroad historians. The one source to go to for railroad history of this region.
   New York Central Railroad's West Shore Preview Go
Sharing the Water Level Route with the New York Central Railroad was the West Shore Railroad; first as a competitor; later a subsidiary. Lots of it has been abandoned: see when and where.

   Electronic Commerce and EDI Toolbox Preview Go
Everything, but everything about electronic commerce and EDI. Help with your business information technology projects. Experienced technical experts. Web Site design and electronic commerce consulting.
   What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen Preview Go
If, for several reasons, the merger of the New York Central Railroad, the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New Haven Railroad did not occur, how would railroading in the Eastern United States be different?
   Google Earth Consulting from Vacation French Riviera Preview Go
Google Earth is a tool that could be useful in your business. If you have a travel agency or real estate business, there are many applications. Google Earth presentations can be done on your computer or be sent to a prospective client. We can help you prepare presentations in Google Earth. We offer professional consulting in creating Google Earth applications.
   Poughkeepsie & Eastern RR North from Poughkeepsie Preview Go
Part of the The Central New England Railway (CNE) was the Poughkeepsie & Eastern (P&E). This section ran North from Poughkeepsie. The name P&E did not actually last very long. It started out in 1872 as the P&E Railroad but the name was changed shortly to PH&B. A few years later it became the NY&M and then in 1893 it was changed back to P&E Railway. This was all the same railroad with different names. It was abandoned by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.
   Troy & Schenectady Railroad, What if it Still Existed? Preview Go
Let's assume that the Troy & Schenectady Railroad was not abandoned (which unfortunately it was). What would it be like today? What would the impact on our environment be?
   JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing Gallery Preview Go
Temporary housing systems: Pictures of completed housing systems.
   Midnight Angel's Place Preview Go
Most of my pages consist of music pages. They are songs my family, friends, and I enjoy. I also have honor pages. for POW/MIA/KIA that are still missing or remains haven't been return to the U.S.

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