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LotR NC-17 fanfiction - A webring to unite Lord of the Rings NC-17 fanfiction authors. If you have a website that archives any kind of LotR adul

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LotR NC-17 fanfiction

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Manager: olorin
A webring to unite Lord of the Rings NC-17 fanfiction authors. If you have a website that archives any kind of LotR adult fanfiction (slash and/or het, elves, humans, hobbits etc, RPS,...), please join!


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   Haldir's Realm with the Library of Lorien Preview Go
Haldir's Realm is a SLASH site for Haldir and his Lothlorien elves. The site contains the SLASH Lorien fanfic archive Library of Lorien, the SLASH Elven fanfic archive The Wicked Elf, the Haldir's Realm message board for discussions and roleplaying, a collection of Lorien elves Fan Art by chosen artists. Art and fiction are NC-17 rated
   Pounce! Preview Go
Zhie's Tolkien inspired fanfiction. Ratings from G to adult, with much humor, silliness, cheesecake, and even some goats. Goats in Middle-earth? Why not.
   Ilmatar of Middlearth Preview Go
This is a lord of the rings slash fanfiction forum dedicated to slash fanfiction.

   The Archer & The Warrior Preview Go
Slash fanfiction and fanart, mainly Legolas/Boromir but there will be a few other pairings, as well as a threesome (Legolas/Boromir/Arago rn). Features a pretty dominant Legolas who takes what (who) he wants and prefers to be on top. ;-)
   The Wicked Elf Preview Go
A SLASH fanfiction archive for Legolas and other elves. Haldir and his Lothlorien elves have their own sister site Haldir's Realm, which is linked from this page.
   Finvampire's Lotrips Preview Go
This is simply a forum for posting Lotrips FanFiction/LOTR real person fics/slash. So..anyone with similar interests are free to join! :) This is a new site so all new members are welcome :)
   The Back Pages Preview Go
LotR RPS & RPH, separate and mixed. Original fanfic, etc. Focuses mainly on the principle players.
   lotr slash fiction bbm slashfiction Preview Go
slash fanfics for lotr and/or bbm slash fics, Au and Canon universes, also crossovers are certainly a possibility. Other slash fandoms may also be forthcoming. Warnings may include M-preg, and adult situations may apply. IF YOU DON"T LIKE, DON"T READ!!!.
   ...Mightier Than the Sword: Lord of the Rings Fan Fic Preview Go
A multi-fandom fanfic archive with a 'Lord of the Rings' section. Aragorn/Boromir fics preferred, but others accepted.
   King and Herald - An Ereinion_Peredhel Archive Preview Go
This website contains slash fiction, i.e., homoerotic stories concerning two Tolkien characters: Ereinion Gil-galad and Elrond Peredhel. If you find this offensive or you are underage, please stay away.

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