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The Metaphysical World - A webring for owners of online businesses offering metaphysical goods. By joining this ring, you can gain exposure for y

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The Metaphysical World

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Manager: cushkamite
A webring for owners of online businesses offering metaphysical goods. By joining this ring, you can gain exposure for your website which you might not have otherwise had. While this does put possible competitors next to one another, the increased exposure for all ring members should outweigh any problems that might cause. Note: The ring is only for businesses which offer goods, not services alone.

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All Ouija transcripts on this site are channelled information from a metaphysical sources and not necessarily the opinions and thoughts of the authors of this site. Although we obviously repect and have a great deal of interest what these entities discuss with us, it is important to note that what they have said in these ouija transcripts is their own opinions and their own ideas are not ours.
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Archaeology, Ancient Sites and Earth Mysteries books at up to 75% off publishers' prices *** Distributor of the new Stone Circles - A Photographic Tour CD-ROM by Tom Bullock *** Browse the free web preview *** Avebury Virtual Reality CD-ROM *** Lots of other interesting products.
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Have Psychic readings , mediumship, clairvoyant , spirit medium , channeling been on your mind? Seek help from your Spirit Guides, Spirit Healers, Angels, Loved Ones and Friends on the Spirit Side. Are you are looking for answers? Contact me for help.

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Zohrala's Mini Mall; Skin Care, Health and Nutrition, Cosmetics , Web Design, Home Based Business, Handmade Gold and Silver Jewelry, Back to Basics Hair Salon Products, Mediumship and Mediums, Reiki Healing Energy, more:
   Minertown.com Preview Go
Quality mineral specimens for your home, office and spirit.
   R & M's Magick Box Preview Go
Sells wicca and pagan religius supplies and offers online wicca classes.
   Eternal Youth Magnetic Rings Preview Go
NEVER Get Sick! Our bodies are made of atomic particles (atoms). Each atom has a negative (Electron) and a positive (Proton) charge just like a Magnet has a north (positive) and South (negative) pole. If we apply a strong enough Magnetic field in the right way, this field will "stimulate" these + and - charged particles and keep them YOUNG and HEALTHY. If they stay young and healthy, YOU do!

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