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MODERN ART WITH A MESSAGE - Art that serves as more than a decoration; the artist has conveyed a message, or made a work that is open to interpreta

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Art that serves as more than a decoration; the artist has conveyed a message, or made a work that is open to interpretation that goes beyond the merely visual appearance of the work.


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   Christina Stock's view of the USA and New Mexico Preview Go
Here you find a growing selection of contemporary and "fun" paintings from one of the last Abductees to Roswell, N.M. If you do not check it out now... you got to wait until they end up in the "Louvre"...
   Folksy Inspired Art by Nari Preview Go
This site features a variety of mediums and it's content is based on past news trends. Feminism, computer generated, original, imaginative, outsider parody, psychedelic, expressionism, folk inspired. Zen flowers, abstract women. A few public officials unlike you've seen them before; taking a poke at Western society. Art as social commentary.
   paintings by hifijohn Preview Go
A collection of my many paintings and wall art projects.

   Zen in the Arts WebRing Preview Go
Interfaith links & resources for instruction in various meditation techniques, including Theravada, Ch'an, Won, Zen, Pure Land, Tendai, Shingon, Tibetan, Yogacara, Nichiren & more.... Homepage of the 'Zen and the Arts' WebRing!
   Mondoexpressionism Preview Go
Ms Vegliante's work is an ongoing cultural diary of Western Civlization's mass hysteria at the breaking point
   icandigit: the digital surrealist Preview Go
There are three kinds of people on this earth. Those that can count, and those that can't...
   Zen in the Art of Bookstores Preview Go
Have you ever wondered how many books have been written in the tradition of the modern classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? There are a couple hundred different titles at Amazon.com alone, on many strange and wonderful topics..... Not sure what to buy a friend? These make great novelty gifts!

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