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Monica Lewinsky Webring - Our WebRing celebrates all facets of the remarkable life of this most famous of White House Interns. Visitors should rem

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Monica Lewinsky Webring

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Manager: lannoyeus
Our WebRing celebrates all facets of the remarkable life of this most famous of White House Interns. Visitors should remember that, due to the sometimes sordid nature of her past life, some material may not be suitable for a young person. But, "Hey!"--some young people may not be suitable for the White House. (I guess the President had to learn that the hard way--no pun intended.)

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   Austin! Preview Go
This site is a new version of the Dallas TV Show, being set this time in the capital city of Texas. Watch for the appearance of Monica's alter-ego in this take-off which features J.R. Bush!
   Monica's White House Page Preview Go
Hi, there! I'm Monica, and this is my White House Page. You're probably wondering who I am, and why the White House.
   Who Made it Before Monica Preview Go
Bimbos: An Historical Perspective.

   Monica's Greeting Card to Bill Preview Go
A greeting card we'd like to see! Plus more--our own Uncle Sam speaks out about the White House Intern scandal for the first time ever (and a surprise guest puts in a comment of his own!).
   Clinton/Gore Corner Preview Go
Just a section of a much larger humor site--but still worth a visit! Check out a rare picture of Monica taking a hike--after all, isn't that what the White House told her to do?
   Mayberry Vs. Monica Preview Go
Imagine if Monica Lewinsky had driven thru Mayberry, television's favorite town, on her way to New York--to start her new job at Revlon. Then this encounter with Deputy Barney Fife might very well have occured.
   What a Dame! Preview Go
Enjoy a humorous picture essay that takes some time-line liberties, and then be ready for a surprise guest at the end!
   That Monica Sends Me! How About You? Preview Go
Send a question or just some words of encouragement to our Monica. Then come back later and see what kind of response you get! But she does not tolerate 4-letter-words (like Gore).
   Monica Lewinsky Webring Home Page Preview Go
The Home Page of the Monica Lewinsky Webring!
   Dancing Monica's Celebrity Pictures Preview Go
Candid Celebrity Pictures - Exclusive gallery of real photos and video of Monica Lewinsky and more...Plus many more pictures of "Hollywood" types and other famous people with links to get books and posters, music and DVD's delivered to your doorstep.

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