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Mini Rex - Dedicated to the Mini Rex, with its soft fur and pert ears from breeders to owners to those who fancy this dwarf rabbi

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Mini Rex

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Dedicated to the Mini Rex, with its soft fur and pert ears from breeders to owners to those who fancy this dwarf rabbit.

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   Bramble Patch Rabbitry Preview Go
I raise Mini Rexes for Breeding & Show. I have Chocolates, Blacks, Lilacs, & Himalayans. Visit my page for all the information.
We are located in ALbany, Oregon and specialize is quality bred mini rex from some of the best bloodlines around. We rasie blacks, castors, brokens, lynxs, opals, reds, torts, REWs, and black/orange tris occasionally. We have a few other varietys now and then so feel free to email us with an questions. WE SO OFFER SHIPPING!!!!
   Windy Hill Rabbitry Preview Go
Raising quality mini rex in Attica, Indiana. Specializing in Black and Castor but, many other colors.

   Tropical Breeze Rabbitry Preview Go
We are located in Southern California. We raise Mini Rex and Polish Rabbits. The varieties that we raise are: Mini Rex: Castor, Chocolate, and Tort Polish: Broken, Chocolate, and Black Come and visit us!
   CountryBunz Rabbitry Preview Go
I raise black, blue, lilac, otter, chin, bkn mini rex as well as all varieties of polish rabbits. #1 in NYS Polish points 2003!
   Cottontail Cottage Preview Go
Welcome to Cottontail Cottage . We are a small Rabbitry located in beautiful Southern California.
   Honey Bunny Rabbit Ranch Preview Go
This site is filled with information on chores, breeding, conditioning, and loving your rabbits.
   Mini Rex Avenue Preview Go
Raising Mini Rex in Black, broken black, and *new* chins. Our family also raises French Lops and several other breeds of rabbits.
   Hop of Faith Rabbitry Preview Go
We raise Mini rex in most colors located in Michigan.
   Grants Rabbit Barn Preview Go
Grants Rabbit Barn is located in Marlette, MI. We raise Holland lop, Fuzzy lop, Mini rex, Standard rex, Dutch, Flemish giant, Netherland dwarf, and mixed breed rabbits. We have meat, pet and show quality rabbits, most with pedigree's.

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