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Asatru & Norse Mythology Webring - This webring connects sites by and for Asatru resp. Heathens. We trust in the Aesir and Vanir, the Scandinavian, Norse,

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Asatru & Norse Mythology Webring

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This webring connects sites by and for Asatru resp. Heathens. We trust in the Aesir and Vanir, the Scandinavian, Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses.

Also welcome are sites about the Viking Ages, Germanic mythology, history, language, literature, culture, archeology, and art.

Please note that sites which display racism or intolerance towards others' ways of life or religion, will not be included in this webring. Welcome and wassail!


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   Geolingas - Home Preview Go
Geolingas Hall, Hoff & Frithstead, More to come as development continues. Currently major holy days and ritual structure. Including: What to Expect When you Come to a Blot/Sumbol and how The full meaning of frith not only encompasses peace but extends well beyond it.
   Gimle Kindred Preview Go
This is the website of the Gimle Kindred, located in Southern New England and a member of the American Vinland Association.
   Heathenmomma's Asatru Pages Preview Go
Recipes, how to make runes with FIMO clay, Voluspa, Havamal, Road to Hel PDF are hosted on-site, and a few other things Asatru related, and lots of links to heathen organizations, also including links to good Asatru YouTube videos

   Išunna's Grove Preview Go
The Išunna's Grove website is dedicated to the worship of the Gods, both Aesir and Vanir. We also explore Runecraft, Galdr and Saeth.
   Loki: A Paean in Progress Preview Go
Everything about the trickster you never wanted to know... extensive site with articles, essays, poetry and more !
   Nordstrom Kindred Preview Go
Homepage of the Nordstrom Kindred.
   Norse Myths and Legends Preview Go
Some legendary and semi-legendary kings and queens, princes and princesses, dragon slayers and villains, magicians and troubadours that have made their alleged appearances in our family trees.
   Ragnheid's Pages Preview Go
Jenny Blain's poetry and songs, writings, intro text to to seidr, and some anthropological material.
   Selvrtanni's Hall Preview Go
Fine articles; This site is an outcrop of a heathen mind.
   The Kewel Ristar Preview Go
Touches upon the diverse philosophical aspects of attaining personal spirituality through the Northern Heathenistic Traditions... plus a whole lot more.

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