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Official Recognition: David Nollmeyer - The webring is designed to bring to the attention of the USA, UN, and other NGO's of the defacto staus and corrupt condi

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Official Recognition: David Nollmeyer

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The webring is designed to bring to the attention of the USA, UN, and other NGO's of the defacto staus and corrupt conditions that David Nollmeyer has endured for 16 years. All civil non violent parties are invited to join.

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   Kerry - Bush Media Hoax Preview Go
Kerry - Bush and the media did not address HUMAN RIGHTS in the USA in the 2004 election. David Nollmeyer rebuts.
   Legal Theory: RICO and CCE Preview Go
This site details two major federal law enforcement tools. They are the RICO and CCE acts. Both tools target conspiarcy and asset forfeiture.
   The Irrationalist Presidents Preview Go
This site develops a philosophical, legal, and historical refutation of Presidents R. Reagan, G.H. Bush, W. Clinton, and G.W. Bush based on unrecognized human rights events in the USA.

   In Re: Nollmeyer Preview Go
This site delineates 26 USA federal actions brought by David Nollmeyer against the USA and agents. I believe the Supreme Court Petition to be the worst in the history of the United States between Dred Scott and Korematsu.
   Universal Jurisdiction Preview Go
This site focalises a debate on Universal Jurisdiction and International Law between Henry Kissinger and Kenneth Roth.
   Hume and Kant Preview Go
The materialist Hume and metaphysical philosopher Kant present differ cases for the existence of the Self. There are implications for all areas of cognitive social science.
   Economics: Selected Topics in Overview Preview Go
This small paper treats the development of economy from Smith, Keynes, Marx and others. Monopolistic competition, business cycle, and circular flow are included. The paper is intended as a point of departure to develop sustainable social systems.
   Official Recognition: David Nollmeyer Preview Go
The site desires to pressure the US, UN, and NGO's to officialy recognize the defacto condition of David Nollmeyer and prosecute all liable parties.

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