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Online Anime Adoptions - A webring for creators of original anime adoptables. Websites of just anime adoptions collectors or random generic anime

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Online Anime Adoptions

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A webring for creators of original anime adoptables. Websites of just anime adoptions collectors or random generic anime pages like image galleries, blogs, or journals need not apply.

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   Adopt-a-Saiyan Preview Go
Adopt a Saiyan sprite today! We have a ton of saiyans ready for adoption, including: Bardock and Crew, Goku and Vegeta, and Couples (ex. Bulma and Vegeta, Goku and ChiChi). Adopt today!
   THE STAR Preview Go
An adoption center for the forgotten anime characters of the movie Sea Prince and the Fire Child. Come by and adopt Syrius, Malta or whoever!
   KItty Care Center Preview Go
A site inspiered by Ghost's Anime kitties, it is a site where I draw and put up for adoptio my own kitties. It will also duble as one of my Anime Shrines...I'm too upsested *sweatdrop* heh heh heh, well please come see it fan fction, an at arn't up yet so sorry for the inconvinence

   Adopt-a-Bot Preview Go
Cute little Transformers adoptables for any webpage or desktop. The best part of it all: It's FREE! :D
   Sapphire's Anime Sweethearts Preview Go
It's an adoption centre for anime characters. There's links to other adoption agencies and creatures I've adopted. I'm also planning to make my own creatures and put them up for adoption. If you have your own website, then you can win award from me!
   Neko-chan's adoptions Preview Go
Horse Talk, United States Horse Directory. A site for every State. Free text ads in your own state. Upgrades avaliable. Horse, equine propety, stallions, arts and crafts, services, sale horses, trainers, boarding and more. Everything related to your horse. if horses got on-line, this would be their home page
   The Portal Preview Go
This site is destined for great things!!! Once I finish....at the moment it is avalible for kitty requests, for yaoi & hentai, from anime games, tv shows, & mangas.
   Fu-ru-ba! Preview Go
A Fruits Basket Adoption site :D Sprites, stamps and banners.
   Dreaming Moon-Tales of the Genie Senshi Preview Go
Sailor Moon fanfic/RPG where the Scouts are redone as genies with Darien as their master. Neat fan art and adoptions too!
   Penny Angel Adoptions Preview Go
Personal Pet Tribute and Adoption Site, featuring Pets, Chibi & Anime Characters, Patriotic symbols, and more....

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