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Online Love Connections - This is a WebRing for people who met online and took it to the real world and made it work. This ring is also for those

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Online Love Connections

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This is a WebRing for people who met online and took it to the real world and made it work. This ring is also for those that believe the mind is a powerful thing even though this is virtual, love is real.

All sites about Love and Romance are welcome to join the collective!


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   The Wedding of Andrew Bromage and Bonni Hall Preview Go
American woman meets Aussie bloke on the net, and one meeting, many phone calls, lots of paperwork, and one international move later, they get married in Melbourne, Australia on Easter Sunday, 4 April 1999 and so far have lived pretty happily ever after.
   The Dungeon of Master Alpha Wolf and his slave, Tirzah Preview Go
This site contains sexually oriented "adult" products!
   Endlessly Preview Go
This is a site about our relationship from first meeting to present day. We have a journal page which we try to update regularly, an awards page, e-cards and other romantic things for couples and families to see! Come check us out.

   AngelMark Family Website Preview Go
We met on the internet, fell in love, and are now a married couple with family and friends across the country. Our site is about love, family and friends
   Ben & Jennie's US-UK Marriage Preview Go
From online love to lifelong commitment. We met in a yahoo chatroom and Jennie emigrated to the USA on a K-1 fiancée visa, so we could be married on August 20th 2001. Read our story, get information on immigration and ldr advice. Also includes US-UK dictionary & cultural differences.
   Lucky in Cards - Unlucky in Love? Preview Go
Would calling him one more time be ballsy, or desperate? Am I good in bed? Is he smart enough? Join me as I find answers (or not) to these questions and more. Hopefully, this brutally and embarassingly honest, real-life account of my re-entry into the 20/30-something dating scene won't be excessively brutal, or embarassing. Here's to happy endings...
   Melvin Durai's Humor About His Wedding Preview Go
A web page featuring humorist Melvin Durai's humor columns on his wedding, including funny columns on how he found his bride through the Internet and their wedding planning. Includes a link to photographs of his part-American, part-Indian wedding.
   Our Internet home Preview Go
introduction to our family
   Kevin & Gwyneth's Website Preview Go
Our Home On The Net. We, an engaged couple from the US and Indonesia, met on the net, disappeared on each other, met on the net again, became very close good friends fast, loved each other as geek buddies then realized that we were actually madly in love with each other. This is about our lives and the K1 Visa (Fiancée) Torture Time Process with the best links on information
   The True Freak Page Preview Go
A page about the two most addicted chat freaks Yahoo Chat has ever seen and wouldn't you know ? We Ended up together in Real life ..... go Figure !!!

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