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Pagan & Spiritual Crafts, Clothing, Projects and Stores - A WebRing bringing together Spiritual 'crafters' who design & handcraft Pagan, Ritual and Magickal Supplies, Gifts, Clot

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Pagan & Spiritual Crafts, Clothing, Projects and Stores

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A WebRing bringing together Spiritual 'crafters' who design & handcraft Pagan, Ritual and Magickal Supplies, Gifts, Clothing and/or Renaissance Garments; or which have a Pagan Craft Site for adults or children with activities, recipes or projects, or simply supply goods for Pagan, Wiccan or other spiritual lives.

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   Recipes for Love Preview Go
Cook up a magical, romantic meal and sensual treats for Valentines Day
   Sacred Serpent - Wisdom of the Ancients Preview Go
Merry Meet! My site is dedicated to the promotion of Goddess Spirituality, Shamanism and Shiva consciousness. Many authentic articles and spiritual info. In the Magick Shop you can buy magickal bath salts for the 4 elements, exorcism and uncrossing bath salts, Aphrodite's love salts; genuine kyphi Egyptian incense (takes three weeks to make!) and exclusive incense for Goddesses Bast and Hekate; uncrossing oil; magickally empowered gemstone elixirs, protective crystal grids, enchanted jewellery such as anti (psychic) vampire necklaces, Goddess Bast necklace, Scarab Spirit pendants, runic wands and more!
   Betony Bree Runes Preview Go
Betony Bree offers handmade rune stone sets which include an information packet and a handmade drawstring pouch. Rune stone sets are made with either glass stones, polished river stones or hand collected Lake Superior Stones. Also: Rune charms, rune necklaces and postcards.

   Hand-crafted Wands by Lillith - Lillith's Grove Preview Go
Lillith takes great care in the creation and consecration of her magickal wands. Each one is truly unique, crafted in her own studio with much patience and love. The crystals and gemstones used are hand-picked and combined with wood, leather, and other materials, to create an exceptional artifact.
   Serpent's Tongue Preview Go
Chainmail jewelry, all natural soaps, ritual oils, and powdered incense for sale. Free pagan and Wiccan information and resources.
   Majestic Velvets Preview Go
Majestic Velvets offers authentic Renaissance & Pirates costumes and clothing: dresses, tunics, chemises, pirates jackets and cloaks, gowns, poets shirts.
   Gypsy Cat Jewelry Preview Go
Unique handcrafted sterling silver & gemstone jewelry designed and individually crafted by a Reiki healer. Flying cats, Victorian filigree, Celtic knotwork, pentacles, crescent moons & other mystical symbols integrated into magical necklaces, earrings and charms for your pet.
   Willow Firesong's Circle of Firelight Preview Go
Legally-ordained pagan writer, wife, and mother Willow Firesong runs this site full of information on pagan beliefs and myth cycles, and natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, earth-oriented living, especially for the chemically sensitive. See our organic cookbook, online herbal, and green pages sections, plus original writing, pagan music, poetry, and much more. Always growing.
   Magic, TEMPLE REBUILDING, Aura, Elements, Chakras, ... Preview Go
Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Solomon's Temple Rebuilding in Jerusalem 2007-2008, Spiritual Alchemy, Kundalini Awakening, Elemental Magic, Chakras System, Human Aura Reading and Cleansing, Atlantis and much more... Occult-Advances.org
   Master Jeweler ' Traditional, Religious, Sensual Preview Go
As a Master Jeweler, I've been in business for over 30 years. The mainstay of my clients have specific tastes that I've learned to cater to. I design and build traditional, religious, and sensual, jewelry and functional artwork.

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