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Palladium Web Ring - The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Play

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Palladium Web Ring

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Manager: lord_nightfall
The Palladium Web Ring is the original webring dedicated to uniting sites that deal with any of the Palladium® Role-Playing Games. This includes games ranging from Palladium Fantasy RPG® to Nightbane(TM) to RIFTS® and any games in between! If you have a well done Palladium® related site, please join the Ring.

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   Hounds of Hell - A tale of adventure Preview Go
Hounds of Hell. A tale of a mercenary group from futuristic rifts earth.
   Side Three: Gundam and RPG Page Preview Go
Besides the obvious Gundam theme, I also have adventures for Robotech, campaigns for Mecha!, a complete map of the Rifts United States, and an East Coast Rifts Campaign.
   Richard's Junk Preview Go
A detailed set of house rules developed through over ten years of play, including material published in the Rifter.

   Rifts - Wolf Pack Mercenary Corps. Preview Go
A perfect source for Original Weapons, Armor, Equipment, and Vehicles. Site also includes Techno-Wizardry and Original OCC"s as well. Every entry is illustrated with original .bmp images and full detailed descriptions. I hope you enjoy the site. GAMERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!
   RIFTWorld Preview Go
A haven for Munchkins, Tweakers, and Power Gamers. RIFTWorld is devoted to Palladium's RIFTS and Heroes Unlimited, but will be giving a few bytes to AD&D and other Munchkin Friendly games.
   Ledsoul presents, Free Space Preview Go
Free Space, is a Megaverse site built to show case Full Racial Character Classes Artwork and all. The site is not limited to just RCCs however, Weapons, EQ and OCCs can also be found there
   The Unofficial Palladium RPG Page Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A bit of everything, with a focus on new super powers, new psionic powers, and new magical spells, plus some unique character classes.
   Grimm's Palladium Page Preview Go
Just a place for my characters and adaptations of existing comic heroes.
   Nick 's Rifts Page Preview Go
My personal home page. Has hidden things and many rifts things that I made myself. Enjoy!
   E.B.S.I.S. Anti-Un Power Preview Go
The most complete EBSIS site on the net. Containing origional artwork, stats and O.C.C.'s not found any where else. See the true power of E.B.S.I.S..

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