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Parrot Lovers - Dedicated to Parrots of all types — from true parrots like the Macaw and the African Greys to Cockatoos and parake

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Parrot Lovers

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Dedicated to Parrots of all types — from true parrots like the Macaw and the African Greys to Cockatoos and parakeets.

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   THE TIGER Preview Go
the most beautiful creature in the world.
   Tinkerbell - Free Flying CAG Preview Go
How to live with a flighted parrot at home
   Read Family Website Preview Go
This site contains information on budgerigar genetics. Photos of budgies, aviaries and breeding cages.

   About Oliver, an Umbrella Cockatoo. Preview Go
This site if for Oliver my pet Umbrella Cockatoo. I have pictures of him opening his Christmas present. Actually they are of him destroying the wrapping paper.... LOL But take a look when you have time.
   SevenParrots Preview Go
A website owned by birds. This is our personal site - a place to put photos of ourselves and for Mom to share what she's learned about living with an avian family.
   Two Conures Preview Go
Our Two Conures Baby and Lynyrd Skynyrd
   Loui and Lizzy's Castle Preview Go
The site about my birdies, Loui and Lizzy, with many pics, info about them, parakeet care and more!
   Flying Gems Aviary Preview Go
New England area breeder of Peach Face & Black Cheeked lovebirds. Different times of the year babies, adults and breeders are available. We breed Wf Blue & WF Blue Amer Cinnamons Peach Face Lovebirds. We breed Green, Blue, Cobalt & Mauve Black Cheeked Lovebirds. Stop by the site to ask a question or to look around.
   Lovebird Breeders Preview Go
Personal website about our family, pets and how to contact us about our lovebirds.
   Parrots are Perfect Pets Preview Go
Parrots are Perfect Pets is a site for the whole family lots of parrot photos, interactive effects, other effects, eBooks, printed items, parrot articles, members section, free newsletter, large e-greetings, and 50 games.

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