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Philosophy - PHILOSOPHY: The webring name pretty much says it all: Philosophy. All types. Sites about philosophy, or sites featuring

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PHILOSOPHY: The webring name pretty much says it all: Philosophy. All types. Sites about philosophy, or sites featuring a predominant philosophy.

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   Panta Rei - the philosophy of Heraclitus Preview Go
Read more about Panta Rei - the philosophy of Heraclitus - and philosophy in general
Montaigne (1533-1592) provides in his "Essays" a brilliant argument for naturism.
   Humanstein Preview Go
What if Albert Einstein focused on the human being?

   a quiet room Preview Go
ponders, rants and queries; mostly the thoughts of a 20something Ph.D. student on current events, popular culture, literature and philosophy
   Philosophical Musings of a Geoscientist Preview Go
This site follows an approach to the non-scientific discipline of philosophy by a trained geoscientist. The resulting leaps of faith or perhaps logic remain to be unearthed by a keen mind...
   gpdimonderose Preview Go
inexpressibile, it is inaudito, mythical, magical, estatico; the Being “mithos” is indeed the only gravitational center that gives sense, stability, peace, and above all and for more it gives the system, the creation, the Gestell
   Lovesick's ontologic discoveries; Philosophy & Theology Preview Go
Discovering the Historical Mechanism for accepting God Creator in Christ NOT AS pagan 'god'; the Dogmatical Conscience against «Rhetoric Magic Medium» of popular semi-pagan Christianity; types of moral and being; oneness of Dogmatic and Moral…
   The Mind Body Complex Preview Go
Proposes that the mind consciousness system can be simplified into 4 branches or perspectives of law: social constructivism, neo-realism, positivism and naturalism. Information systems design. The Philosophy of praxis. The nature of reality.
   Philosophun Preview Go
Philosophy made fun!
   The Institute for Emancipatory Constructionism Preview Go
This website reflects an attempt to develop a new critical theory (also known as postmodern critical theory and critical postmodernism). Emancipatory constructionism, grounded in a neo-Marxian dialectic of dominance and emancipation, is recontextualized in poststructuralism, postmodernism, social constructionism, critical pragmatism, and critical pedagogy.

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