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The Gender Ethics Webring - This ring is for women and men who want to make a clear difference in the fight against sexism and homophobia. We suppor

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The Gender Ethics Webring

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This ring is for women and men who want to make a clear difference in the fight against sexism and homophobia. We support feminism and gender equality. Equal rights for women, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transgendered, bisexuals, and men who wear pink (private joke). Gay marriages, androgyny, feminists, tomboys, drag queens, dykes, transvestites, men who embrace their feminine side, men who cry, straight or gay, it doesn't matter.

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   Sex-Debate Snapshots in the 1990s Preview Go
A FUNNY THING happened to the feminist sex debates of the 1980s: They resurfaced in the 1990s. Not that funny, really, when you consider this a war with a long, bloody history. If we frame the debate with antipornography feminists on one side and sex radical feminists on the other, it's safe to say the sex radicals have won.
   A Pioneering Male Socialist Feminist Preview Go
The Recovery of August Bebel
   Criminalizing Women Preview Go
When Abortion Was A Crime: Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States

   Islam and Feminism - Are the barriers coming down? Preview Go
If there is common ground to be found between Western feminists and women in the Muslim world, it is being discovered slowly—but thoughtfully—by women from both secular and religious backgrounds.
   I am a Muslim and a Feminist Preview Go
Asma Gull Hasan, 29, considers herself an All American Girl. Her hobbies include collecting Barbie dolls, skiing and snowboarding. But she is also a serious-minded Muslim who continues to be in her faith because of the guidance and ecstasy she receives from it.
   Islamic Feminism - What's in a Name? Preview Go
Islamic feminism is on the whole more radical than Muslims' secular feminisms.
   Excuse 17 Preview Go
A fan site for Excuse 17, the short-lived indie trio from Olympia, WA.
   Huesbook Preview Go
A collection of poems, essays, interviews, and photos by activists.
   Women of Power Preview Go
A historical look at women leaders.
   Resources for lesbians, bisexual and questioning women Preview Go
Featuring an online Coming Out Support Group for women worldwide, and coming Out and Sexuality books for lesbians, bisexual and questioning women. Resources on our new website include: articles and advice columns by our writers that have been featured on websites and in magazines worldwide; over 1,500 free Lesbian Ecards; over 100 lesbian movie reviews; monthly horoscopes written by a professional lesbian Astrologer; Online Dating Tips; LGBT Newsfeeds; Sensual Toy Store; Discount Flower Shop; lesbian art, posters and magnets. Coming Soon: sign up for our Affiliate Program and make money with us, or inexpensively advertise your business in our New Banner Program.

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