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Red Ribbon Scars - This ring used to focus on self injury, but all sites dealing with mental health issues are welcome (e.g. self injury, e

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Red Ribbon Scars

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Manager: losthope5
This ring used to focus on self injury, but all sites dealing with mental health issues are welcome (e.g. self injury, eating disorders, major depression, PTSD, social phobia, OCD, etc.).

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   For People in Crisis - An Emergency Primer Preview Go
Not only for people in crisis but for anyone who is seriously wanting to turn their lives around! Philip Goddard, active promoter of self actualization and comprehensive means to clear oneself of troublesome influences, presents a well-tested strategy and collection of simple, down-to-earth methods to enable you to clear your issues and take full command of your situation and your life direction.
   Inside Pain Turned Inside Out Preview Go
About self-injury (a.k.a. self-mutilation or self-abuse)
   Anonymous Home v24 Preview Go
Deals with Anorexia, Self Injury, Major Depression, PTSD, Rape, Suicide, and Social Phobia, and touches on Agoraphobia and OCD. Material includes a Journal, poetry, art and photography, as well as quotes, quizzes, lyrics, books and reviews, DSMIV codes, links, an ezine, and site design tips. Also allows for users to join and add their own poetry and words.

   ..::Tired Of Being Real::.. Preview Go
Many people who self-injure are misunderstood and placed under harsh stereotypes, especially the girls. My site is dedicated to trying to right that image and to let the world know that cutting is not a way to get attention or a suicide attempt. Please check it out!
   Self Mutilation Preview Go
Basically, is all the problems that teens face in this world..Cutting,burning ,depression,alcoholism ,drugs and anything else u can think of. Poetry and cool lyrics included...
   Why Must Tears Come With Profection Preview Go
A site purposely built on educating society and relieving the pressure caused by stigma's surrounding mental illnesses. It has storys, links, pics, advice, information, advice and a guest board to let out your frustrations or just say a friendly hi. plz drop by because all our welcome here
   My Pain Will Drip Preview Go
simply all about self injury. personal stories from myself and others. Message board, Excuses, some things may trigger
   Black, White, and Shades of Gray Preview Go
A collection of personal poetry, stories, pictures, and memories depicting my struggle with self injury, depression, and growing up.
   A Fractured Mind Preview Go
A dark site offering information on self injury and serial killers as well as dark poetry and lyrics.
   Manic Rantings Preview Go
Contains some of my writings--deals with my inner struggles as well as other random things that pop into my mind and label me pathetic.

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