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Healing with Reiki, Crystals & Gemstones - As a Reiki healer I've noticed that the channeled healing energy of Reiki and the subtle energies of natural gemstones e

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Healing with Reiki, Crystals & Gemstones

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Manager: catanna
As a Reiki healer I've noticed that the channeled healing energy of Reiki and the subtle energies of natural gemstones enhance one another beautifully. Not only do I use terminated crystals & gemstone beads during Reiki sessions I've also created a line of natural gemstone jewelry that's charged with Reiki as I make it. If you work with Reiki &/or gemstone energies or would like to learn from those who do, please join us! Peaceful purrs & healing light from CatAnna & her meditative Reiki cats :-)


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Spell Cast Magick Jewelry, Custom Spirit Conjuring and Binding, Esoteric Knowledge Center, Witchcraft Supplies, Forum, Magick Tips, and more!
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Therapeutic gemstone necklaces by Gemisphere to soothe, energize and heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit naturally. Gemisphere is the original Power Bead company!
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A forum where you can request free Reiki distance healing and prayers for your cat plus links to cats health resources & healing gemstone jewelry.

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Unique handcrafted sterling silver & gemstone jewelry designed and individually crafted by a Reiki healer. Flying cats, Victorian filigree, Celtic knotwork, pentacles, crescent moons & other mystical symbols integrated into magical necklaces, earrings and charms for your pet.
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Includes a description of Reiki. Also provides access to an low cost online Reiki class with attunements. If you live in Columbus, OH I also provide Reiki treatments.
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Learn and share Reiki treatments for fun, health, wealth, pain relief and connecting to other like minded individuals. Study Reiki with Free Reiki 1 classes in Portland, OR, up and down I-5 to Seattle, WA. Be more healthy, wealthy and have great relationships! Have Reiki fun!
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Home Thermotherapy brings holistic health to our clients. We bring technological eco-friendly tools that can be used in both a theraputic and home environment. Our unique blend of Reiki, Chakra, and crystal therapy utilizing eco-friendly devices as PART of our practice is a great benefit to all our clients.
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Exploring various dimensions of subtle energetic, vibrational and spiritual healing, and the connections between the healing journey and spiritual expansion and evolution.
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This is the website of Bill Courson, a traditional Usui Reiki master and teacher and a practitioner of Ayurvedic Energy Healing. Bill's practice combines the principles of traditional Usui Reiki with those of Ayurveda, the oldest existing lineage of healing on Earth today.
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Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Natural Healing

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