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Humanity - Untitled document Expresssing the Human Experience - Humanity languages, history, mythology, philosophy, anthropology,

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Expresssing the Human Experience - Humanity languages, history, mythology, philosophy, anthropology, and theology ... . All the web sites in this ring have something to do about one or more of the vast subjects in Humanity. Any sites celebrating diversity in expression, art, music, lifestyle, culture, sexuality, religion and spirituality can be found here.



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   Book Review Column by Jacqueline Lichtenberg Preview Go
This monthly column discusses sf/f, mystery, occult, novels and TV shows in terms of what the student searching for mystical enlightenment might learn from them. The 10 years of monthly columns available for free reading here also focus on what the student of writing could learn. The first columns discuss a new hidden genre found across many genres and called Intimate Adventure.
   The Order of Croodzi Preview Go
My site is a family friendly Wiccan/Pagan/Magick site featureing Lake, Snow and other Java effect applets and is best viewed with IE Exploer.
   Eevolutionary Spirituality Preview Go
Short essay on Evolutionary Spirituality, with links to several free books based upon Evolutionary / Revolutionary Spirituality.

   Libertarian Nationalist Revolution Preview Go
Brief summary of how absolute individual Liberty and free enterprise can solve every problem on Earth without injustice to anyone. Principles apply equally to all countries.
   Individualism Preview Go
A new philosophy that corrects negative thinking, promotes love and improves your health and happiness
   Unusual Daily Art in Amsterdam Preview Go
In The Yogini With A Thousand Eyes, each day the heroine, Annajoy, carries on an elegant and artful meditative dance with the unremarkable trivial events that occur in Amsterdam. Using imagination and reverie, in her evolved consciousness Amsterdam becomes an art gallery, funhouse and more-than-human community, where meaning is a daily event, and oases of mood catapult her into moments of ecstasy.
   Spirituelle Entwicklung Missbrauch heilen Preview Go
"Spirituelles Sterben Missbrauch heilen" ist ein Erfahrungsbericht über psychische Heilung durch Meditation und Maltherapie. Lina Leben schafft den Entwicklungssprung vom menschlichen Bewusstsein ins göttliche Bewusstsein. 63 intuitive psychisch-spirituelle Gouache-Farbbilder.
   The Orion Zone Preview Go
Star Correlation Theory in American Southwest. A pattern of "ancient star cities" (Anasazi/Sinagua ruins and Hopi villages) in Arizona mirrors EVERY major star in the constellation Orion. The web site showcases a book in progress called "The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest" by Gary A. David. As above, so below.
   The Naked Elf Preview Go
Gothy elf boy meets gothy elf girl; adventures ensue. (Approx. PG-13 for occasional language/nudity.)
   Adult Illinois Pagans Preview Go
A Midwestern mailing list for the discussion of sexual and other relationship topics, from a Pagan perspective. For mature Pagans only.

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