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RPG & Game Heaven. - websites of those who create their own Role Playing Games  

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RPG & Game Heaven.

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websites of those who create their own Role Playing Games



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   Tales of Evenfall Preview Go
Tales of Evenfall is a free fantasy role playing game. It is designed to be rules light. The intent is to enhance the role playing aspect of the game by eliminating complex and sometime contradictory rules found in many game systems. Little time is spent in discussing how a rule works or applies to the situation, speeding game play and allowing a greater immersion in the game setting and adventure itself.
   L'Rei Dal Elamshinae Preview Go
Having already stolen power from other worlds, and destroying them in the process, Suika's greed has only increased, and her next target is Earth. Crazed, she leads an army of beings similar to that of Fallen Angels, but with much more power. However, one of her most trusted Generals has finally come to his senses and rebels against his Master; his own Twin Sister...
   The Awakenings Home Page Preview Go
Home of The Awakenings Rules Engine (TARE). A system of rules for playing tabletop RPGs, currently shareware. Also two background settings for those who register.

   Vortex Games Preview Go
An up and coming role-playing company.
   Captain Anorak's Guide to Gaming Preview Go
How to write and run games - mostly covers RPGs, though other types (eg. wargames) also receive some coverage. Lots of in-depth analysis of how and why, plenty of frothing rants (of course!) and some self-indulgent ramblings about past gaming experiences.
   The Fifth Council - Mage Training Facility Preview Go
Elemental Mage training school for young gifted students. Come and join us young acolyte and learn new powers to defeat the Dark Minions.

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