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Science & Technology - The Science & Technology Webring is designed for sites that deal with science and technology, as the name implies.

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Science & Technology

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The Science & Technology Webring is designed for sites that deal with science and technology, as the name implies.

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   Who invented, who discovered, who created famous stuff Preview Go
A website is about famous inventions. You can find our more then 5000 of them. Not all of them are answered so you can write your own answer.
   Relativity Calculator - The Rocket Equations Preview Go
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software.
   Aviation Resource Center Preview Go
A complete aviation guide. Info on aircraft, aerodynamics, the history of flight, and more.

   www.teslacoil.it Preview Go
Sito italiano dedicato all' alta tensione amatoriale, contiene numerose descrizioni e foto di apparati autocostruiti che spaziano dai tesla spinterometrici, valvolari, solid state, innalzatori di tensione risonanti e non, esperimenti con scarica impulsiva, LASER, raggiX e molto altro ancora.........
   Gabor Toth's Website Preview Go
Description of a small, flyback driven Tesla coil, and a lot of high voltage experiments -including laser building- with a lot of pictures. Temporarily in Hungarian language, but it will soon be available in English too...
   Embedded Technology Preview Go
1) Embedded Technology - RTOS, Real-time Single-chip solutions, Telecom protocols & Virtual Peripherals 2) Microcontrollers - ARM, MIPS, MCS-51/251, PIC 12/14/16, SX, AVR,... 3) Protocols - TCP/IP, PPP, i2c,...
   Aqueous Preview Go
Aqueous equilibrium of carbon dioxide is a model sample. Using all above this subject, essential for the life on Earth, will give ideea
   Latest Technology!! Preview Go
Get all the latest updates in tech news and also updates about the latest gadgets in the market. Also check out the tutorials.
   Evolution: Plant Insect Resistance Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Transgenic crops. BT toxins. Plant biology and evolution. Origins of life. A discussion board is also available.
   Skeptics 4 Life Preview Go
Skeptics for Life is devoted to bringing science, critical thinking, and reasonable skepticism to the world.

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