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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring - A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that rol

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Sailorsenshi RPG Webring

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Manager: moonatic
A webring dedicated to linking all of the Sailormoon Role Playing Games on the Internet, allowing people to nab that role they wish for. ^^

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   Sea Of Serenity Preview Go
A new rpg starring original Sailor Soldiers and role-play.
   Dark Before the Storm. Preview Go
A sailor Moon Rpg. Queen Vila & her husband have come back & are going 2 kill the sailors, & guess who is their ally is. The Sailors themselfs, kindof. You will have to come & c 4 urself what is up& help the fight 4 love, justice & light.
   The Forgotten shenshi Preview Go
this is a site of 3 younge girls who grew up in a terrible life.they stared of evil but become good. they are sailors who were abandend and/or forgotten

   Senshi of the Future Preview Go
This sight takes place in Crystal Tokyo after all the Senshi have their kids. Chaos has struck again and we need your help, join us in our fight!
   Silver Millenium RPG Preview Go
It was a time known as the Absolution, a time of destuction and death. With the help of his master, Dark Nova, Proxima defeated Crystal Tokyo, killing the senshi and Neo-Queen Serenity. Pluto re-incarnated the the senshi, giving them new powers and a new name.
   Senshi Topia Preview Go
Senshi Topia is a normal Sailor Scout fighting evil kinda Rpg. The only difference is there are new Sailor Scouts and new evil in thier way! Please join this Rpg we need people!!!
   Sailor Riah Senshi PBeM RPG Preview Go
100 years ago a dark sorcer named Rakot awakened the Dark Sword. Only the Riah Senshi and Knights where able to defeat him. Now the Dark Sword Clan is trying to awken the sword. So the Riah Senshi and Riah Knights must be found to stop this evil.
   Sailor Moon Games Preview Go
A list of different sailor moon games. Some that are active and good. Some origional, some that need members some with alot of potential
   Eternal Senshi Preview Go
Eternal Senshi is a sailormoon role playing game that takes place right after the end of sailormoon sailorstars.
   Sailor Moon - Scarlet Dreams Preview Go
Scarlet Dreams is a brand-new PBEM RPG that really needs some members! A storyline taking place just after Sailorstars, and brand-new senshi in addition to our old favorites! Created Characters are accepted. Join today!

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