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Severed Euphoria - Severed Euphoria is a webring dedicated to all people in the world that wish to be heard. If you have a site that contai

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Severed Euphoria

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Severed Euphoria is a webring dedicated to all people in the world that wish to be heard. If you have a site that contains prose, poetry, a journal, stories, drawings, paintings, or any other forms of your personal creativity, please join. You can gain all sorts of things... just for joining too. Free Graphics,


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   EMF Technology+Ritual Abuse,My Own Private 'Malkovitch' Preview Go
I'M LIVING IN MY OWN 'PRIVATE' MALKOVITCH - which isn't private at all - in fact I'm hi tech possesed. This is my site, created inform & organize 8 years of journals, kept while living with ritual abusors. They turned my life into "Being John Malkovitch" 4 real! Also, information & fact links, plus how laws aren't current with today's technology, when used in this manor.
   Wanderlust Preview Go
Wanderlust - Home of my photos, art, and incessant ramblings.
   Graphics by Craig Preview Go
Graphics, clipart and backgrounds by Craig

   Harps Upon The Willows Preview Go
A Christian Family-Oriented Website Featuring The Poetry Of Joan Clifton Costner
   Yasmin's Eclectic Homepage Preview Go
My site is an extension and reflection of who I am. I'm an animal lover, artist, writer, photographer, and music lover. I think glancing at this page gives the viewer a glance into the true heart and soul of me, aspects of myself that I'm only now starting to uncover%2
   Shadow of the Marquis Preview Go
Allow me to extend to you my most cordial invitation - Let us shame the original sadist, Let us free ourselves and liberate our fetishes, Let us purge our souls and confess our sins. Come walk with me in the Shadow of the Marquis...Featuring original dark and erotic fiction in an online form as well as the hottest up and coming ebook library of Erotica and Dark Fiction on the net. Always accepting submissions.
   Persephone's Daydream Preview Go
Poetry, an interactive horror story, a place to delve in the the supernatural and much more for those with open minds.

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