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Books and Writing - BOOK: n. A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, man

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Books and Writing

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BOOK: n. A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing. n. A composition, written or printed; a treatise. n. A part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "Paradise Lost." WRITING: n. The act or art of forming letters and characters on paper, wood, stone, or other material, for the purpose of recording the ideas which characters and words express, or of communicating them to others by visible signs. n. Anything written or printed; anything expressed in characters or letters n. Any legal instrument, as a deed, a receipt, a bond, an agreement, or the like. n. Any written composition; a pamphlet; a work; a literary production; a book; as, the writings of Addison. n. An inscription. n. Handwriting; chirography.

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The afterthoughts of a life lived with creative vigor!
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"The Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer." Includes a blog, an ongoing serialized story co-authored with three other writers, and links to other serialized fiction.

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Short novel. Epic historical thriller about rise of Nazi Germany. A Swedish SS officer opposes Third Reich policy and attempts to change it anonymously. Educates about necessity of liberty and free enterprise for world peace. Many adventures and travels. Norse Witches, hip musicians, secret societies, high Nazi officials, Nuremberg Rallies, free enterprise historical insights.
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Books for all, including books for writers; links to my own writing, including poetry, essays, articles, short fiction and more.
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Novels and poetry by published lesbian romance author Kimberly LaFontaine.
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For those fascinated with the morbidity of life and love: Satires of all sorts... Scifi/fantasy art and tales... Anti-Christian humor and worse...
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I can never give away a book without keeping the best of what was in it... And here it is.
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We are a innovative and friendly artistic community of writers, poets, photographers and all around creative people. Just starting out but are slowly building to greatest.

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